Barrow Wins

Yet another incumbent keeps his seat tonight. Good one. Barrow is a good fit for that district. He’ll face John Stone in the General. My money is on Barrow.


  1. IndyInjun says:

    Barrow does a good job of voting the way his constituents lean and that is rarely in accordance with Dem leadership.

    The pathetic Stone hasn’t learned that running on the Fair???tax is poison after TaxMax was incinerated by it.

    Stone will sink like one.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    So, we Punditeers got “stoned?”

    The question is whether Georgians and Americans are so economically assaulted over the next 3 months that the advantage of Barrow’s incumbency is swamped by rogue wave of throwing “the bums” out.

    Barrow deserves reelection.

    Charlie Norwood was an icon.

    Stone ain’t.

  3. drjay says:

    i don’t really recall much conversation about what stone’s relative chances were–most of the 12th talk was namecalling between mckinney folks and crystal folks–i thought mckinney had a good chance to force a runoff–but stone was on radio and did gotv calls over the past week that i imagine really helped around sav’h–also he slap cleaned up in augusta–interestingly effingham was the largest gop voting county in the district–of course they had a couple of hot local races to bring voters out…

  4. Sarah_Harper says:

    You say that Charlie Norwood was an icon. Well, he certainly didn’t start as one. When he first decided to run there were naysayers in every corner.
    ‘Why is that dentist running?’
    ‘Does he have any experience?’
    ‘I don’t think he is qualified.’
    Charlie faced an uphill battle agains Hudgins in the primary and won against a respected public servant.
    John Stone had less competition. One candidate ran because he didn’t feel like his candidacy for Vice-President was getting results. Neither of the other candidates had real governmental/public service experience. Stone had served both the 10th and 12th congressional districts with his work with Charlie and Max.

    While John Barrow might have more money but John Stone has the ethics, the knowledge, and the solid conservative values that we need in our representative for the 12th district.

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