Were I voting Democrat tomorrow

I’d vote for Rand Knight in the Senate race.

I suspect Jim Martin is too bland to give Saxby a real run for his money, though I like him. He is also supposedly the establishment’s pick.

Cardwell is crazy.

Lanier is old.

Jones is creepy.

Knight has the potential to be a dark horse candidate that can get traction. He’s got union support behind him. He’d engage Saxby on environmental issues that, though I disagree with Knight, are issues worth discussing — particularly in light of the Fulton Superior Court decision.

Knight is also telegenic, youthful, and has the energy to campaign aggressively in an effort to overcome a fundraising deficit compared to Saxby.

I think he’s the smartest choice for Democrats who actually want to stand out in November and wage an aggressive fight.


  1. Taft Republican says:

    “Erickson says to vote for Knight… so we have to vote for Martin! But wait a minute… maybe that was his plan all along, and he actually WANTS us to vote for Martin! Then again… he might be saying to vote for Knight, so that we’ll think we should REALLY vote for Martin, when he actually KNOWS that’s what we would think, and so we should vote for Knight instead…”

  2. midgajim says:

    It’s amazing how Dale Cardwell went from serious candidate to wacko in one fell swoop – I mean in one steep climb . . .

  3. Goldwater Conservative says:

    A vote for Knight, Cardwell or Lanier is essentially a vote for Vernon Jones.

    There is no doubt about it. While Martin does not stand much of a chance in November (he does have a better chance than any of the others by far) he will at least not hurt democrats around the state.

    The only people voting for Vernon are going to be the few african americans that know that Jones is black and a few republicans that democrats to fail all around the state. People like vernon jones do not belong in politics…they give politicians a bad reputation.

    Just remember, tomorrow, if you vote for Knight, Cardwell or Lanier (none of which is a vote for a winner) you are voting for Vernon Jones. Much like Nader voters handed Bush a victory in 2000. Think of the implications.

    There is probably no way to prove this, but I am willing to bet that if Jones were the nominee…then there will be no net democratic gain in the state. I would also propose that Jones would bring Obama’s preformance down by as much as 2.5%.

    I am not suggesting that Martin will win, or that magically all the democrats will win. I am suggesting that there could be a net democratic gain of a few seats though (now that Gross is out, one less. The only reason that was pursued was to prevent a democrat from winning a democratic district in which the elected democrat switched parties upon the assumption of the office. Once again, a reason why Karen Handel is the worst thing to happen to GA since Perdue’s election).

  4. Erick says:

    Goldwater, I think Knight is the best candidate in the pack, but I also suspect you are right.

    This is a race between Vernon and Jim.

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