Comments on the Gwinnett Chairman’s Race.

I’ve mostly stayed away from blogging about the race for Gwinnett Commission Chairman between Charles Bannister and challenger Lorraine Green. There are two reasons for this; 1) I’m managing the campaign of Mike Beaudreau who’s running for reelection in Commission District 3 and he’s steadfastly neutral in the race, and 2) I know both candidates and have good friends on each side of the race and want it to stay that way after this is all over.

I would like to comment on some things both candidates are doing which I find interesting.

Both candidates are doing the usual things; bombarding the unsuspecting citizens of Gwinnett with mail, signs, and phone calls. The Bannister campaign has been banging on people’s doors at all hours of the day and night. 😉 I suspect Green is knocking on doors as well but I don’t know that they’re door to door operation is as large as Bannister’s.

This afternoon while driving to the store I saw a car decorated with a vehicle wrap for Charles Bannister. I have no idea how effective this will be but these guys think they’re wonderful. They even have a You Tube video to help drive home the point. I’ve also seen one of those mobile billboard trucks out there for Bannister.

Lorraine Green has been using a lot of web advertising. She’s had an ad on the front page of the Gwinnett Post’s website for a very long time. She’s also advertised at the Gwinnett page of the AJC for some time as well. Green also has a few You Tube videos and has been advertising on TV. I’m not sure Bannister has been on TV but I could be wrong.

These campaigns are probably doing other things I haven’t mentioned, and it will be interesting to evaluate how effective these “non-traditional” campaigning methods are.


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