Live Blogging The Georgia Gang

Hey AJC, Dick Williams hates you! And thinks you all are such incompetent hacks, at least on the City of Dunwoody issue, that you should all go the way of the Palm Beach Post. Not that you aren’t likely headed there already…

Pink Magazine editor a loser? Doubtful. Morelike just plain dorky, but anyone operating in print or public TV nowadays is really much more of an irrelevant has-been.

Yawn… time to watch Fox Sunday try to outdo NBC with some overloaded coverage of Tony Snow’s death.


  1. Tea Party says:


    Congratulations to Rep Fran Millar, R-Dunwoody, in pulling off the impossible…And congratulations to everybody who will make a buck off the whole thing – the city attorney, the newspaper of record, and of course the company CH (whatever it is) that inevitably will get the contract to run the town. Insider Advantage’s “James Magazine” March 2008, page 7

  2. Please let it be one of the prompt regurgitating airheads (male or female) doing a BS mass distraction investigative report, and that it involves dangerous crosswalks, Peachtree street and a MARTA bus.

    And please, can it be LIVE.

    Thanks, Skip. The city of Atlanta is spending thousands of dollars to keep manhole covers cleaned. Just look at how filty this one is…. WHAM!!!

  3. Actually I think Cynthia Good’s actions were rather clever. She just bought tons of free advertising for her magazine (which nobody had ever heard of before) and probably increased her subscription rate among left-wing babes. Very clever Ms. Good.

  4. heroV says:

    wow, this post is useless. PP management, please find a liberal who something useful to say. There are actually tons in our state.

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