1. Progressive Dem says:

    Brilliant analysis, Erick. Almost as thorough as the information the people in Dunwoody are working with.

  2. Sorry, this has nothing to do with Dunwoody, but a shameless plug for my campaign:


    Atkinson attends 1st Annual Car Show
    Lizella Baptist Church July 12, 2008

    Maurice Atkinson has committed to visiting every part of District 4 to meet residents and express his vision for Bibb County. Saturday, July 12th Maurice participated in the 1st Annual Car Show at the Lizella Baptist Church. The event was phenomenal. He said, “We’ve been able to meet people and discuss their concerns.” The Car Show was one of many annual community outreach events Lizella Baptist Church hosts.

    Participating in community events is critical to understanding the needs and desires of the district residents. “Their concerns are mine.” He added, “Our whole campaign theme has been Recreating Our Vision. Getting involved with these types of events are a powerful way to meet people and build relationships. This was a huge success!”


  3. Bill Simon says:

    Well, you know…Milton had some unexpected expenses to contend with…all that money spent on “counseling” for their city council and mayor to learn how to deal with each other.

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