The Money Game

Here’s this from the Hotline:

In advance of the 7/15 Dem primary, “new campaign finance disclosure reports” show the five hopefuls “battling to take on” Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R) “are trailing far behind” in raising funds comparable to Chambliss’s $4M “re-election warchest.”

’06 LG nominee/atty/ex-state Rep. Jim Martin (D) “comes the closest,” with $329K CoH raised in “a nearly three month period” up to 6/25, while enviro engineer Rand Knight (D) and ex-investigative reporter Dale Cardwell (D) reported $54K and $20K CoH, respectively. The FEC says DeKalb Co. CEO Vernon Jones (D) “has yet to file a report,” though Jones said the report “had been filed on time, via Federal Express,” and that it showed it had “about” $150K CoH. Ex-Sen. Talmadge staffer/Vietnam vet Josh Lanier (D) “hasn’t raised more than” $5K “so he doesn’t have to file a report” (AP, 7/11).


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    So combined they have $250K less on hand than Saxby raised in the last quarter. Good luck with that one Dems.

  2. GOPGrassroots says:

    What this summary fails to mention is Martin’s 144K in deferred payments that he owes for his polling, op research, etc… once he repays these bills he and Vernon have virtually the same amount of actual cash available to spend.

    I suspect this is why Martin failed to file his report on time as required by Federal Election Law.

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