More “Implied” Endorsements from Obama for Another Candidate from DeKalb County?

Only days after the dispute concerning DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones’ “implied” endorsement from U.S. Senator Barack Obama (in a advertisement where photos of Jones and Obama were featured under a “Yes, We Can!” headline) comes this ad from DeKalb County Commission District 4 candidate Sharon Barnes-Sutton which ran in the July 10, 2008 edition of CrossRoads News.

In the ad, Barnes-Sutton is featured smiling and embracing Obama under the headline, “Together, we Can!” (LARGE PHOTO OF AD)

But has Senator Obama actually endorsed Barnes-Sutton? A quick check of her campaign website’s endorsement page reveals zero endorsements (i.e., none), let alone one from the Messiah.

Duplicitous and misleading advertising should be called what it is…and it appears that is the kind of campaign that Ms. Barnes-Sutton feels appropriate to employ.


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