Insider Advantage Poll: Martin Leads Democratic Field For First Time

In four days, voters from across the state will participate in the July 15th primary to choose which one of five Democratic U.S. Senate candidates will face off against Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss in November.

Many political experts expect there to be a run-off in the race for the Georgia Democratic U.S. Senate nomination and if the new Insider Advantage poll released is correct, voters can expect to see Vernon Jones and Jim Martin on their August 5th run-off ballots.

The new poll, released by WSB-TV Thursday afternoon, says that former state Rep. Jim Martin leads DeKalb County CEO by eleven points; 31% to 20%. Former WSB-TV investigative reporter Dale Cardwell comes in third with 11% and all other candidates are in single digits [Source: WSB-TV, “POLL: Democrat Martin Takes Lead For Senate Nomination”, July 10, 2008].

A very high number poll respondents, 33%, say they are still undecided.

The full results of the poll are posted below.

Jim Martin – 31%

Vernon Jones – 20%

Dale Cardwell – 11%

Rand Knight – 4%

Josh Lanier – 1%

Undecided – 33%


  1. JamesStratfield says:

    A Strategic Vision poll had Vernon on top. Nobody can predict turnout in this primary. Its all up to a roll of the dice.

  2. envirodawg says:

    It’s not up to a roll of the dice, it’s up to the candidates who have worked hard to put together the resources to deliver their message in the closing weeks of the election when people are actually paying attention. That is why Jim Martin has pulled ahead and why he will win the primary.

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    Hopefully this poll will drive some Cardwell and Knight supporters to Jim Martin.

  4. TPNoGa says:

    Hello all!

    I have just moved to GA, I used to be TPSoCal. I am registered now and will be voting on Tuesday. I am conservative. Should I vote Dem or Rep in the primary? If Dem, who should I vote for? Who will be most likely to lose?


  5. TPNoGa says:

    Are all posts now reviewed? I noticed my post has been “awaiting moderation”. Is this a new rule for everyone? Or is it because I have a new ID?

    Just curious.

  6. JamesStratfield says:

    envirodawg, how has jim martin put in any resources? He hasn’t campaigned at all, or completely lack luster when he’s emerged from his cave.

  7. midtown_maven says:

    TPNoGa – I suggest the following strategy.
    1. You are a conservative. I give all senate candidates and equal shot at Saxby, buy you want Georgia to go for McCain right?

    2. As a conservative wanting McCain to win you need low African American turnout.
    Stay with me –

    Which candidate would increase November African American turnout? Vernon Jones.

    Therefore TPNoGa, you choice should be Jim Martin.

  8. Icarus says:


    Welcome back. I remember you have particularly bad taste in college football teams, but otherwise seem like a logical guy.

    I can’t belive you would want to vote in a Democrat primary and miss out on choosing between the hotly contested PSC candidates on the Republican side.

    As for your question, I believe all first posts are moderated. Don’t take it personally.

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