I could have told them that

See here:

A Fulton County judge ruled Friday that Georgia voters will have to present a photo ID when casting a ballot in Tuesday’s primary election, rejecting a motion by Democrats who argued the law could disenfranchise voters.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Tom Campbell ruled that the Democrats failed “to meet the legal standard” to block the state from requiring all in-person voters to present valid, government-issued photo identification to cast a ballot.

The issue now is how much the Democratic Party of Georgia has had to shell out for what most observers knew was a foregone defeat.


  1. atlantaman says:

    Well the DPG had to do something to distract from the fact they were unable to field candidates against Jacobs and Maddox.

    Might as well spend the money on something since they don’t have any challengers.

  2. SouthFultonGuy says:


    The real issue is how much money taxpayers forgo as the Georgia Secretary of State’s office pays for this frivolous lawsuit instead of easing the voting process and funding customer service personnel.

    We the taxpayers of Georgia pay every time some yahoo chooses to sue over this dead horse issue. Its more than sitting on the sidelines and saying those silly dems, we are paying for their folly folks and the opportunity cost of Karen Handel sitting on the witness stand!!!

    This is precisely why we need loser pays in the state if not nationally. You want to roll the dice on a case to make a statement? Fine you pay for your foolishness, not the rest of us who work and pay taxes.

  3. atlantaman says:

    While I think the “user pays” idea has some merit, the Dems still have to pay for their own legal counsel.

    Even if the Dems want to keep wasting money by filing endless lawsuits, hopefully at some point the Judges start to dismiss the cases.

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