Cat-Fight in Gwinnett and the Chairman’s got legal troubles

So there has been this battle playing out at my mail box for the past several week. Seems that one of the Gwinnett county commissioners decided she would try and oust the sitting chairman in the GOP Primary. That then left her seat open, and three “Republicans” are vying to replace her.

So, the persona dramatis are:
Chairman Charles Bannister
Commissioner Lorannie Green, who is challenging Bannister
Former Duluth Mayor Shirley Lasseter, who is running for Green’s seat
Carol Hassell, also running for Green’s seat
Bruce LeVell, Member of the MARTA Board, also running for Green’s seat.

The cat fight has been between Lasseter and Hassell. LeVell has been staying above the fray.

Hassell claims Lasseter made Duluth “A sanctuary city”. Oooh, Brown people. Be scared. Lasseter then sends out a piece claiming that Hassell “boasted in a local meeting (Sourced as “North Atlanta GOP Women’s Group”) that she voted for Barak Obama”.

Hassell then responded by saying she voted for Obama “to stop Hillary”. Um Hello? Wasn’t there an interesting and somewhat contested election on the GOP side? Hassell then lost my vote by attacking Lasseter for allowing Walmart to open in Duluth. Personally the anti-capitalist anti-walmart rhetoric is the real proof Hassell is a Democrat.

Meanwhile LeVell is either so far behind in internal polling that the two women ignore him, or he’s not listening to consultants, because his message has consistently been positive and pointing to his accomplishments, his vision, and his goals. I don’t share his vision and goals – in particular the Gwinnett equivalent of the Bridge to Nowhere: the Brain Train, but I’ve got to admire him for staying out of the mud. I’ll be voting for him on Tuesday.

Unofficial score in the district 1 race:
Lasseter: 4 mail pieces, 2 positive, 2 negative
Hassell: 4 mail pieces, 4 negative
LeVell: 3 pieces, all positive

The real money is being spent in the knock-down drag out fight for Chairman. Six pieces from Green, 5 from Bannister, and thats only since I started collecting them as supporting material for this post. The issues in the Chairman’s race seem to be 1) Evil Brown People moving into our neighborhood and taking our jobs; 2) Who voted to raise whose salary; 3) A Plan to eliminate all property taxes in the county (sound familiar?) and 4) More evil brown people WHO DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH.

Can you tell that the illegal immigration issue is a non-starter with me?

I will probably vote for Green. Not because her slogan “Leadership for a Change” is all that good. My wife wondered if she wasn’t trying to ride Obama’s coattails. Not because she’ll rid our county of the Evil Brown People and leave us with vacant neighborhoods, depressed property values, and millions of QT taqitos to dispose of. I think her tax plan has some merit. Green is also an engineer, and I tend to trust them over life-long politicians (Bannister spent many years in the Gold Dome before becoming commission chairman). Finally, I think she is right on Bannister’s leadership. Based on the mailing I’ve received from him, he has spend the last four years posing for pictures at the 316/85 construction site.

Oh, and a little birdie just told me that Bannister is now under investigation(Added: AJC Story) by the Gwinnett Solicitor’s office (The solicitor is like a DA for non-felonies) for the use of the State Seal in a non-official capacity. You see, Bannister sent out a mailer that proported to be the “Official Gwinnett Conservative Republican Voter Guide” and used the state seal on it. Oops – can’t do that. And Bannister is using The Stoneridge Group, one of the biggest direct mail firms in the state (They did Casey Cagle’s work in 2006). Sure, Keith Gross might make that mistake – its not like Gross has spent much time in Georgia politics. Stoneridge should know better.


  1. I Am Jacks Post says:


    You’re an idiot. I shouldn’t elaborate, but I feel compelled to do so.

    I’m curious–referencing the use of the state seal on the voter guide in question, you said, “Oops, can’t do that.” From where are you drawing that brilliant legal opinion? Obviously not the state code, which makes it clear that regulations regarding the use of the state seal apply only to STATE candidates and STATE incumbents. But you didn’t do your homework before you proved yourself an fool.

    Here’s the state code (Chris, the really good part can be found in (b)):

    Authorized Use of the State Seal of Georgia

    Georgia State Seal Code Section § 50-3-32.

    Authorized and unauthorized use or display

    (a) As used in this Code section, the term “election” means any primary election; run-off election, either primary or general; special election; general election; or recall election.

    (b) Every constitutional officer; every official elected state wide; the executive head of every state department or agency, whether elected or appointed; each member of the General Assembly; and the executive director of each state authority shall be authorized to use or display the great seal or a facsimile of the state emblem for official state purposes and, in addition, each of the officials enumerated in this subsection who are elected officials shall be authorized to use or display the great seal or a facsimile of the state emblem on or in connection with any campaign poster, sign, or advertisement for election to any public office.

    (c) Except as otherwise authorized by Code Section 50-3-31 or subsection (b) of this Code section, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, or campaign committee to use or display the great seal or a facsimile of the state emblem on or in connection with any campaign poster, sign, or advertisement for election to any public office in such a manner as to falsely suggest or imply that the person on whose behalf the same is used is at the time a holder of a public office for which a commission bearing said seal is used.

    (d) Any person who violates any provision of subsection (c) of this Code section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

    Chris, the fact is that this whole dust up with the Solicitor is just a last minute Hail Mary courtesy of Mark Rountree and his band of merry pranksters.

    Lorraine Green is a Rountree client (a prestigious distinction, to be sure). Solicitor Szabo is a Rountree client. See how this works?

    Chris, you’re free to vote for Lorraine Green. But please don’t make uniformed armchair legal judgments, when it’s clear to anyone who can type that you don’t know what you’re talking about.


  2. JSBarrington says:

    Can anyone say desperate? Jacks Post makes a good point. Chris, this is nothing more than desperate last minute attempt to smear Charles Bannister that has been orchestrated by Mark Rountree.

    Just Butch Conway (client of Mark Rountree) was used by Green’s (another Rountree client) campaign.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  3. Poor Jacks Post. Your mail sucked again, and now you’re blaming everyone else.

    Let’s see: Bannister outspends Green 1 million to 300k, and you are looking for scapegoats? If Charles wins, it’s certainly not because of that low quality of mail program.

    It’s stunk — especially the “wax figure Charles” you keep mailing out. You guys disfigured him beyond normal comprehension with photoshop.

    He looks like he was stolen from Madam Tussaud’s.

    My, my. All that venom and hatred you have, but without the courage to post your real name.

    But I think we all know it.

    Stop talking like a rookie. Be better.

  4. Clint Austin says:


    As you know, I don’t have a dog in the chairman fight (we have our own little dust-up going in District 1!), but I’ve got to speak up on this “state seal” issue.

    You know as well as I do that the law involved here does not apply to local candidates. You and I are both old enough now to remember why this law was passed – by Gold Dome Dems when they were in the majority to prevent Republicans from using the state seal running against them for state offices. In fact, the whole law is probably unconstitutional period, but even if its constitutional it definitely applies only to state officials seeking state office.

    You’ve got an interesting situation going on with some of your clients up in Gwinnett, but free advice (which you can take for what it’s worth): be careful. This sure does look like getting one client (the solicitor) to use her official office to investigate the opponent of another client – with very shaky legal grounds for it.

    Let’s fight it out like we always do, but at some point there’s got to be a line – and this seems very close to it…

  5. RobertC says:

    I wonder if using the state seal is the equivalent of extortion? Kinda like Mr. Mark Rountree, the ambulance chaser of political hacks, threatening to recruit opposition and/or run vicious attack campaigns against incumbent office holders (like a good friend of mine) unless they buy him off with some ridiculous $5,000 auto-dial poll.

    If we want to start getting into legal investigations in campaigns……you don’t want to swing your little stick around in a glass house, you scum bag.

  6. RobertC says:

    and just to elaborate a little more, in my opinion, everything that is disgusting and wrong about gwinnett county politics centers around that hack mark rountree. his amatuerish, second rate, and vicious campaigns are what is wrong with politics today.

    Getting your one client – the solicitor – to open up investigations of opponents of another client is an outrageous abuse.

    It’s time to start cracking down on these scumbags like rountree who are an embarrassment to the political process.

  7. Clint, thoughtful comments. Everything should be reviewed here, including the context of mass mailing the official seal of Georgia for a non-state mailing, and whether it was intended to deceive the public into wrongly believing it came from the State.

    I don’t know the answer to that. But I do find it interesting that Mr. Bannister apparently told the media, including the television reporters, that he had never seen the mailing. He is trying to distance himself from bad advice, it seems.

    Ultimately in the bigger picture, Lorraine Green’s main campaign points are whether Gwinnett County continues it’s current direction, or gets back on the right track.

    The county has many growing problems, and for four years no major plans have been proposed to deal with traffic problems, the tax digest imbalance, and a myriad of other problems.

    Finally, RobertC: you sound like a kooky conspiracy theorist of the highest degree, but it’s good to meet you. Check out some Oliver Stone movies this weekend, they might make you feel better.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    The mailpieces sent out by Bannister seems like a deliberate attempt to deceive voters. They seem to be banking on the fact most voters don’t read the fine print.

    Bannister also made false statements concerning Lorraine Green in the mailpieces that were easily checked out as not being factual.

    Bannister also talked about the pay raise but failed to mention that he wrote a letter to State Senators asking them to approve one for the Commissioners and one that doubled the salary for himself.

    “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” That very much applies to the mailpieces sent out by the Bannister Campaign. They make him appear desparate. Why did he stoop so low unless he is afraid he is going to lose?

    I have heard from one former Bannister supporter outraged by the mailpieces. She switched to Lorraine and let Mr. Bannister know she did and why.

    The bottom line, the whole thing with the Solicitor investigating will hurt Bannister. The news stories highlight the attempt to deceive voters about it coming from the state. The mailpiece does show it came from the Bannister campaign in small print. Many voters do not take time to read all the fine print.

    In a race when there are two different stories coming from different campaigns, credibility matters. The Bannister lost credibilty with that mailpiece…

    This campaign should have been about the issues facing Gwinnett and leadership. The Bannister campaign made it about seeing who could sling the most mud..

    Lay off of Mark Rountree. I have found him to be honest and very likeable. I detect envy….

  9. debbie0040 says:

    This section is under the State Government. The State Seal is part of State Government and that is why it appears under this section.

    Where in this code does it say it only applies to statewide races? It says ANY primary election, it does not say only statewide.

    (a) As used in this Code section, the term “election” means any primary election; run-off election, either primary or general; special election; general election; or recall election.

    Section b mentions the authorized persons that can use this seal. Which applies to Mr. Bannister?

    Why not let the State Attorney General rule on this?

  10. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Great. Debbie is prognosticating again.

    We’re back to hearing that Debbie’s father, who’s a retired Baptist minister in Alabama, spoke to the guy who sweeps the parking lot at a Waycross Sonic, and he said that the girl he used to date who does back-end programming for told him that the guy doing the lay-your-own-hardwood floors demonstration at Lowe’s last Sunday told her that that that two guys he spoke with at a coffee shop off Pleasant Hill said they used to be Bannister supporters but now they’re backing Green, and they also told him that Ralph Reed is going to win the LG’s race, “hands down.”

    We’ve been down this road before.

  11. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “This section is under the State Government. The State Seal is part of State Government and that is why it appears under this section.” Thanks for the civics lesson, Debbie.

    Now, on to the matter at hand. I urge you to read for content, Debbie. The operative part of the passage from the code is as follows:

    “to falsely suggest or imply that the person on whose behalf the same is used is at the time a holder of a public office for which a commission bearing said seal is used.”

    Debbie, what does that phrase mean to you?

  12. Poor Jacks Post. Still no courage to give a name, just to attack someone.

    However, to the task at hand: it seems to me that Debbie is saying she had direct conversation.

    Apparently it is the position of Mr. Bannister that his handlers did not do the same due diligence (as Debbie did, with firsthand confirmation) when his 30,000 piece mailing went out. (see AJC news today)

    Or was approval given to mail it by the guy in the elevator who heard from the cleaning lady downstairs that she heard from the that same guy doing the lay-your-own hardwood floors demonstration that it was ok to mail it?

    Or was it Col. Mustard in the Library?


  13. debbie0040 says:

    Your insults will do nothing. The former Bannister supporter’s initials are ba.

    So you know more than the Gwinnett Solicitor General? This is political hot potato. Do you think Rosanne would risk this flak over something that has no merit? She does not impress me as that type.

    As I have said earlier, why not just get the opinion of the State Attorney General on this matter?

    Why was the Georgia Seal used?

    It lists the only authorized uses of the seal. Again I ask, where does Mr. Bannister fit in ?

  14. debbie0040 says:

    I am not the only one that has confimation of the switch of the Bannister supporter. Ask Charles, she told him. She told me that she told him how upset she was with the mailpieces and that he should fire the person/persons responsible.

    I know first hand that this person not only switched her vote but is also volunteering for Lorraine.

    The fact you attack someone with integrity and credibility like Mark Rountree shows just how desparate you are.

  15. Interesting identification with the movie LA Confidential, Jack’s Post. Good movie.

    Wikipedia on about Rollo Tomasi:

    “While not a real person (even within the fictional movie), he is a metaphor for the sort of criminal who is able to completely get away with his crime.”

    It’s an interesting selection of pseudonym under the circumstances that I doubt your candidate would approve of.

  16. ceej says:

    I think folks are missing the slightly bigger picture here. To me, it’s not the fact that there was a state seal on the card (it really didn’t register with me), but the fact that it purports to be the “Official Gwinnett Republican Voter’s Guide”.

    It’s falsely giving the air that there’s this Gwinnett Republican committee and this is supposed to be come neutral analysis of the candidates. It even went so far to include the candidates’ equal stance on abortion (as if that had any bearing in this election), to give the air of neutrality.

    I had to do a double take, but I quickly realized it was a campaign piece. It was extremely tacky, unclassy, deceptive and undignified of the Bannister campaign.

    It puts me in a spot, since I wasn’t going to vote for Green either (mostly for the reasons outlined here: ), but now I don’t know who to pull the handle for. Tacky tacky tacky.

  17. Jay Williams says:

    Wow. Leave for a day and look what happens!

    Unfortunately, I was away on business and missed most of the fireworks yesterday. But its nice to know the world still goes on without me.

    A friend shot me an email of this thread. While ya’ll can have at it over this silly issue, i have to clarify a few things.

    First, I am not “I AM JACKS”. I am Jay Williams. I dont post under “I AM JACKS” and never have. I AM JACKS, whoever it may be, does not speak for me or our firm.

    Second, I am not going to get into the middle school game of who’s mail “sucks” and who’s doesn’t. I’ll let my client list speak for itself.

    Same with the pictures of our clients. Seriously Mark, your gonna go down that road?

    Third, Give Lorraine Green come credit. She and her team were able to find a complete non-issue, dupe some reporters into actually thinking it was, and deflect away from campaign that is sinking rapidly.

    Both campaigns have been doing polling, and if the Green/Rountree internal polling is anywhere near as good as they claim to be, we all know that Bannister is way ahead. Oh, you may disagree. But the actions of Green are of that of a desperate campaign, not one confident of victory. Any operative worth his/her salt knows that.

    Fourth, I don’t know why Charles Bannister would be “distancing himself from bad advice” when he nor the campaign did anything wrong.

    It will be pretty apparent when Szabo decides not to pursue anything because there is nothing to pursue (exclusive of the fact she doesnt even have the authority to). I would expect no apologies from Rountree or Green in this race for misleading folks about this (anymore than I would expect an apology from Debbie for lying about Casey Cagle in the LG Race.) It is what it is.

    I do find it interesting, Mark, that you continue to parrot the line that Green is being outspent (and with developer dollars no less!). Sounds like whining to me. I’ll make a note of that next time you get a candidate that outspends one of ours and see if we can’t get them to not spend it.

    And, why is Bannister taking money from developers bad, but Green taking money from developers good? Seriously, the developer thing gave me a real chuckle. Talk about deceptive and disingenuous.

    We’ll see what happens Tuesday. When Bannister wins, for some reason, I don’t think we’ll find the “credibility and integrity” of Mark Rountree here explaining why a such a terrible mail program was able to help defeat such an impeccibly run Landmark campaign.

  18. debbie0040 says:

    Jay said, “But the actions of Green are of that of a desperate campaign, not one confident of victory. Any operative worth his/her salt knows that. ”

    The same could be said for the mailpieces Bannister sent out. Not indicitive of a campaign confident in victory that has to sink to such sewer levels…

  19. Rpolitic says:

    Wow Gwinnett sounds almost as bad as Cherokee. At least no one was accused of trying to “bribe” a candidate to not run. That was a first.

    This here is really just the same thing we hear every cycle. He said she said complaints in the final week.

  20. Jay, apparently you missed it while out of town, but Charles Bannister’s response to his own campaign’s mailing was, “I never saw it.” That certainly sounds like someone running for cover to me, and I think it probably sounds like that to most people.

    Would he have said that if it was a great mailing that brought praise rather than condemnation and controversy?

    If Charles Bannister were win Tuesday, it would be only the sincerest best wishes to him from me. I know him, and contrary to some others, like him. But that is not the issue.

    After all, I live in this county and see first-hand just how many problems the county faces. But it’s PAST TIME to get something moving to address them.

    It is PAST time for a major tax relief plan for homeowners. It’s past time, as well as for serious efforts to fix the transportation problem (via commuter rail to get more people off the roads) and for significant efforts to revitalize declining neighborhoods. Virtually everyone who lives in the county sees these problems.

    The question will be for voters: what has to change to make these things happen? Something does.

    I think Lorraine Green and her underdog band of rebels have run a remarkable campaign, especially given the enormous financial disparity between the candidates. In fact, I think most reasonable observers on both sides think this is true.

    People are ready for a change in Gwinnett. It’s a question of which candidate they think will deliver.

  21. RobertC says:

    Let’s recap here folks.

    1. Debbie, I admire your passion for politics and how you adamantly stand by your candidates. I really do. But when you make statements like Mark Rountree is a man of integrity, it’s painfully clear that you have very poor judgment in people. Ralph, Rountree… Debbie, you keep picking the unethical, sell out, losers.

    2. Mark Rountree is the ambulance chaser, scumbag hack of Gwinnett County that has single handedly dragged the political process of Gwinnett and elsewhere in to the sewer.

    3. Here is my experience with Rountree – he signs up one candidate in a local race. Then he calls up the opposition and offers to drop his “client” if my friend will only pay him $5,000 for some auto dial poll that costs him around $500 to conduct.

    4. Or like he has done with numerous members of the general assembly he will call them up and say pay me $5,000 for the same crap poll or else I will go out and recruit opposition in the primary and run the most vicious attack campaign you’ve ever seen. The smart one tell him to shove it and he just goes and crawls back under his rock.

    5. if anyone has seen rountree’s lame excuse for political advertising it’s clearly done using microsoft word and printed with his home computer. he has spent the last several years pathetically trying to copy the work of other, truly professional campaign consultants. and failing miserably.

    6. i don’t know what will happen on tuesday but I hope bannister wins because hopefully it will end the career of rountree and his brand of trashy campaigns. then it will be time to replace this pathetic, political game playing solicitor.

  22. A Typical White Person says:

    ADDENDUM to above post:

    1) “it’s painfully clear that you have very poor judgment in people. Ralph, Anthony Scott Hobbs, Rountree… Debbie, you keep picking the unethical, sell out, losers.”

  23. A Typical White Person says:

    Meester Rountree sez: “If Charles Bannister were win Tuesday, it would be only the sincerest best wishes to him from me. I know him, and contrary to some others, like him.”

    Dang! That’s so funny, I stopped breathing for a few minutes just to let the subtleness of those comments be absorbed into my brain. Whew!

  24. Taft Republican says:

    Dang, people. You’ve all convinced me to vote for Glenn Pirkle. I hope Bannister and Green kill and eat each other, and Pirkle comes in with a little down-home common sense. Sheesh.

  25. RobertC says:

    I want to hear Mark Rountree deny that AFTER HE WAS HIRED BY LORRAINE GREEN to run her campaign that he offered Bannister to “talk Lorraine” out of running…..if he paid him a lot of money.

    I just heard the tape of that conversation. Hilarious!

    Come on Mark. Deny it. Tell us how “honorable and respectable” you are.

  26. Chris says:

    Weee. Screw the direct mail war, this is even more fun.

    Oh, and Debbie – you better hurry up on those steak dinners. As Saxby said, the price of corn is going up and so will the price of beef.

  27. Zac Billings says:

    I still haven’t heard mark deny your first allegation RobertC. You know where Mark signed up a challenger candidate for mayor and turned around and tried to get money out of his clients opponent and in exchange he (mark) said he would get his client out of the race.

  28. debbie0040 says:

    A typical white person was just outed as Bill Simon. Only simon would make that comment about ASH.

    RobertC, I really could care less what you think. I have no desire to be on the same side of a political campaign with you. Glad I am not and never will be..

    I have no problem with Bannister, just the type of campaign that has been run on his behalf. I think Lorraine has shown more leadership than Bannister.

    I would support Bannister if he won the Republican nomination.

  29. debbie0040 says:

    I would encourage everyone to watch the Gwinnett Chairman debate at 11:15 tomorrow morning. I believe it will be on channel 30

  30. RobertC: Of course I deny it. There, that was easy. And it couldn’t be more emphatic. It’s unequivocal and clear.

    And make no mistake about it: We at Landmark are hired to run campaigns. It’s what we do.

    Charlie Bannister knows that — in fact, we’ve done some previous work for Charlie, as well as Lorraine in her Commission District 1 race four years ago.

    I do understand, based on today’s post, that you are easily confused. So let me help.

    Originally in the cycle, Lorraine weighed running, but had not decided. Charlie Bannister called us to hire us, that’s no secret, never has been. I met with him, that’s no secret, either.

    Frankly, Charlie told half of Gwinnett. I had 30 people call me about it.

    And I told him at the time that any time we work for a client, we are in to win. If we make a deal, I always do my best to win the race.

    Again, no secret.

    I told him further that his association with buffoons like your (RobertC’s) friend, Bill McKinney, would be his downfall, that he needed to get away from them (sorry for the inside baseball, folks — it’s local Gwinnett politics).

    I unilaterally pulled out of the negotiation once Lorraine decided to run and committed to hire us. I don’t think I’ve spoken another word to him since, other than hellos. I just don’t see him around town much, as I work harder than an ox at this time of year and am in the office — or at home playing with my kids on the floor and watching Scooby Doo.

    So RobertC, yes, I do deny it. Once we are working for a candidate, we go in to win. There were no conversations or negotiations or anything else after we had gone to work for Lorraine.

    Lorraine is the right choice for Chairman. Having clients like her makes the hard job of running a political consulting firm easier.

    Now, RobertC, do you deny you have stopped beating your wife?

  31. Ms. Subliminal says:

    Gosh, who writes this Rountree guy’s press releases? “Having clients like her makes the hard job of running a political consulting firm easier.”

    Barf me out. Totally.

  32. debbie0040 says:

    Lorraine is the type of leader that stays on top of things. She is strong and fights for what she believes.

    She would not have to check with her “people that know” to see how she stood on issues or what actions she would take. She would know if a mailpiece went out that may be in violation of state law. She would not try to pass the buck, she would have taken responsibilty for it.

    Again, watch the debate this morning and see what Gwinnett County would be missing by not electing Lorraine Green as Chairman..

  33. Tea Party says:

    Bruce LeVell’s vision for connecting Doraville to the new OFS development (MARTA already runs to GWINCO, has for twenty years.) is a most forward looking develpment model.

    The Gwinnett Village CID model IS WORKING, and NOT at taxpayer expense.

  34. RobertC says:

    Pay attention people. what you just read was Mark Rountree lying through his teeth.

    Once we get rid of that partisan hack of solicitor, we’ll take all the evidence and open up a legitimate investigation of how Mark Rountree does “business” aka “extortion”.

  35. BJ Van Gundy says:

    OK. My only comment on all of this sillyness is: “a pox on all your houses” for making a primary so personal that it will cause damage to all of our relationships as we conservatives and Republicans go forward with needing to unite around McCain after this primary.

    RobertC: Shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. There is no recording of anything as myself and the Chairman were the only ones in attendance at such meetings. Just shut up.

    Debbie: You and I traded emails. I appreciate it that you have now agreed that this is not a useful conversation.

    Mark: Saving the best for last. Look everyone. Mark and I are great friends. We’ve worked together and against each other for a long time. I will say that I couldn’t disagree with Mark more regarding his candidate but don’t want to go into great detail right now on those disagreements. Something I wish he would have refrained from in this thread… that is Politicking. Mark. What you have written above describing our conversations around you working with Bannister is not accurate but as I don’t wish to continue on with this personal destruction… once again… RobertC shut up… I will refrain. However. I would appreciate it if you would correct the record as I have sent you by email.

    NOW>>> Let’s get past Tuesday and move on to beat Obama. Thanks.

  36. BJ Van Gundy says:

    OK. Three clarifications of my above post that I have become aware is necessary:

    1. I want to clarify that when I said I disagreed with him I meant I disagreed with his comments above regarding his candidate being the best and any of his negativity about the Chairman.

    2. With regard to what I said about the inaccuracy of how the Bannister campaign cam to talking to Mark… Mark stated that the campaign approached him. Let me be clear and I hope that Mark will have better recall: The Bannister Campaign did NOT approach him the part I disagree with mark about: we did not approach him. Nor did he approach the Bannister campaign. A third party started each side dancing and put us in a room We talked. We discussed. And decided not to go forward. Nothing sinister. No harm. No fouls.

    3. This also must be clarified as RobertC (who needs to shut up!) has falsely claimed that Mark was working for Green (or any other candidate for chairman) at the time that the Bannister campaign was talking with him. That is not true. It just shows more that RobertC doesn’t know what he/she is talking about… and should shut up.

    That’s all I’m going to say about it.

    Mark, what say you?

  37. Angry In Gwinnett says:

    This is today’s news story from the Gwinnett Daily Post (Sunday, July 13):

    Read below. Mr. Bannister seems to agree that this mailing was stupid. He certainly seems to condemn it and admits it was a mistake.

    And he certainly sounds like he’s distancing himself from his handlers, as Mark Rountree wrote. In fact, he’s going after the “culprit”.

    “Bannister said he did not approve the ad, although he acknowledged that his campaign’s stamp was on it.

    “This is embarrassing and uncalled for,” he said. “If I had (seen it), it would never have been approved. Now I have to find who the culprit is and deal with it.”

  38. Bill Simon says:

    Mark Rountree: “It is PAST time for a major tax relief plan for homeowners.”

    Hey, here’s an original thought for Gwinnettians who want “taxpayer relief”: STOP HAVING CHILDREN AND CRAMMING THE INFRASTRUCTURE WITH MORE PEOPLE THAN IT CAN KEEP UP WITH.

    Mark Rountree continues: “It’s past time, as well as for serious efforts to fix the transportation problem (via commuter rail to get more people off the roads) and for significant efforts to revitalize declining neighborhoods. Virtually everyone who lives in the county sees these problems.”

    SO, Mr. Resident who commutes approximately 1 mile to and from work every day…the only “commuter rail” concept closest to coming into being would likely be that of MARTA. Is that one of the top-secret plans of your “candidate of change?” To bring a derivative of the MARTA rail system into Gwinnett County?

    Perhaps Lorraine has invented a new way to get lead balloons to float over people’s heads, eh?

  39. Bill Simon says:

    WOW! District Attorney Danny Porter sent out this e-mail last Saturday endorsing Charles Bannister:

    “From: Danny & Ann Porter
    To: [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected]

    Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 8:07 PM

    Subject: Charles Bannister

    I have been involved in law enforcement in Gwinnett County for almost twenty-seven years and during that time I have unfailingly supported the Gwinnett County Police Department. It is my firm belief that in a county like Gwinnett, day-to-day law enforcement should be left to a well-trained, well-equipped county police department which is answerable to the elected Board of Commissioners.

    I believe that the Sheriff’s office should perform its primary statutory duties of serving warrants and civil papers, maintaining the jail, and providing court security and should only incidentally be involved in initiating criminal investigations. One need only look to Clayton or Fulton County to see the folly of placing law enforcement responsibility in the hands of one person. Butch Conway is a fine man and a fine Sheriff, but even here in Gwinnett we have not always been so blessed. Even the possibility that the county police would be deprived of resources so that our law enforcement efforts would be diluted should be of great concern to any law-abiding citizen.

    Because of my deep concern over this issue, and because of his demonstrated commitment to the Gwinnett County Police Department, I am supporting Charles Bannister for County Commission Chairman in Tuesday’s primary election.


    Danny Porter

    Note: I made this decision today after a lot of thought and without any request or contact with Bannister or his campaign.

  40. RobertC says:

    At the request of a friend, i will not speak further of the recording i listened to.

    BUT, BJ, I won’t shut up you self important jackass.

    I know that in BJ Van Gundy world that getting paid off by some client excuses every kind of ridiculous behavior, but people like BJ are why Republicans have lost their majority.

    it’s not because we’re not “unified”. Unified does not mean covering up rountree’s extortions and lies.

    It’s because these buffoons keep making excuses for scum like abramoff, ralph reed, that pedophile in florida, and mark rountree that voters have rejected republicans.

    stop making excuses. spray the bug killer and get these cockroaches like rountree out of republican politics.

  41. Truthteller says:

    RobertC is Bill McKinney.

    McKinney hates Van Gundy because Van Gundy cuts McKinney out of everything.

    Bill McKinney, has your criminal trial been resolved? Or is there more investigation pending?

    McKinney is jealous of Mark Rountree, and pretty much everyone over there knows it.

  42. Zac Billings says:

    wow that danny porter endorsement is hard to believe.

    It is interesting that the only endorsements Lorraine can pick up are the 2 that are also mark rountree’s clients (Conway and Szabo).

    Anyway this thread has come a little unhinged. Wow.

  43. Bill Simon says:

    Interesting observation, Zac. One wonders if the Gwinnett County Office of Solicitor isn’t somehow being used illegally for political campaign purposes?

    Well, perhaps the US Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Georgia would be the best source to flesh out the answer to that question, eh?

  44. Zac Billings says:

    bill- you make a excellent point as usual. Do you mean kind of like how rountree/green, through the use of butch Conway(another rountree client), illegally used taxpayer funded resources (I.e. Deputies for tv ads and to put up green’s signs for political purposes
    Don’t you see a pattern here? I wonder if szabo and Conway actually know they are being used like puppets?

  45. PegM says:

    I generally don’t get involved in these slug fests here, but you have to be smoking dope to think that anybody “uses” either Szabo or Conway. Both are independant, intelligent, and their own person. Nobody tells them what to do….

  46. Bill Simon says:

    Zac, to be quite honest, the use by Conway and his “pepes” of public property for campaign ads would likely fall under the purview of the state ethics commission, under the chapter dealing with the prohibition of using any government resources. I think Sheriff Conway is in violation of that law and it would fall under the category of a “contribution in-kind.” I encourage you to write and file that ethics complaint.

    ESPECIALLY if you are lucky, like me, to NOT live in a county rife with the kind of corruption that the Gwinnett law enforcement apparatus is clearly busting at the seams over.

    I live in Cobb County. We have an honest Sheriff. We have an honest Solicitor. We have an honest District Attorney. These fine public servants DO NOT play games like the crooked SOBs in Gwinnett County law enforcement partake in.

  47. Icarus says:


    This is your buddy Icarus talking. Work with me here.

    I’m concerned that you are harboring a lot of pent up anger/frustration/resentment.

    I’m even more concerned because football season is only about 6 weeks away, so this is bound to get worse.

    Don’t become a statistic Bill. Let the anger go.

  48. Bill Simon says:


    I actually have a problem with TOO low blood pressure. My “stats” are a standard 110 over 70, and a resting pulse rate of around 65.

    But, I appreciate your concern.

  49. HankRearden says:

    If RobertC is Bill McKinney then the Lord moves in mysterious ways. I love this quote,

    “BUT, BJ, I won’t shut up you self important jackass. <- (Real Funny)

    I know that in BJ Van Gundy world that getting paid off by some client excuses every kind of ridiculous behavior, but people like BJ are why Republicans have lost their majority. ”

    He who dares not offend cannot be honest. — TP <– (Everyone do a google search and learn something.)

  50. El_Capatain says:

    Bill Simon,
    “DO NOT play games like the crooked SOBs in Gwinnett County law enforcement partake in.”

    Don’t leave Cherokee out, we have our own crooked SOBs in law enforcement. Plus they are more amusing.

  51. HankRearden says:

    Also Mark Rountree is by far and away the best Campaign Consultant in the state of GA. The book speaks for itself. He is also an incredible guy and someone I highly recommend each of you take the time to meet and learn from.

  52. Rpolitic says:

    Hey Captain
    They are not just amusing they are celebrities. And as such use their fame to run illegal charities and evade taxes.

    Don’t short the man his celebrity. That aint right.

  53. Bill Simon says:

    “Also Mark Rountree is by far and away the best Campaign Consultant in the state of GA. The book speaks for itself. He is also an incredible guy and someone I highly recommend each of you take the time to meet and learn from.”

    So says the guy whose IP address matches that of Mark Rountree’s when he posts from the office.

  54. Bill Simon says:

    We ought to hold a contest! Which metro-Atlanta county has the most FUBARed Sheriff’s office?


    What other county’s contestants should we add to this list?

  55. Chris says:

    Bill –

    Fulton hands down. They vote should be who has the second worst sheriff’s office.

  56. Bill Simon says:

    Good point, Chris. Okay, Sports Fans which county office should be the 2nd worse in management-at-the-top in Metro-Atlanta:


  57. Rpolitic says:

    I would disagree Cherokee just doesn’t get the press like clayton. They are averaging a new lawsuit or two a month. One for beating a guy in while he was in a restraint chair.

    Then there are the numberous sexual harassment suits filed by women in the department the list goes on and on.

    But hey it isn’t new for up here way back when the sheriff was a lowly lieutenant he got some real perks for having a baadge and some women deputies working for him. That was a big lawsuit for it time. They settled once they heard the story of the 7 women.

  58. WhiteFemaleVoters says:

    Addressing all issues.

    Clayton is now the worst by far.

    If I were crazy enough to run for public office I’ld hire Rountree.

    BTW what kind of name is Rountree? Is that Injun?

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