ALJ rules against Gross

Kind of surprised no one has jumped on this yet.

Keith Gross is likely to be removed from the ballot after an Administrative Law Judge found that he did not meet the residency requirements. In this case, Gross had not lived in the state for two years, as required by Georgia law. You can read the ALJ’s opinion here.

Those residency requirements can be pesky.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    Oh the humanity!

    Anyway, with his stellar record of turning around failed businesses, let’s see what he can do with failed runs for the legislature.

    Romeo, your comment made me spit take my Coke Zero.

  2. Decaturguy says:

    What a pathetic excuse for a candidate against what should be your top tier race to defeat an incumbent.

    And I should give money to the DPG why?

    This is as much Rob Teilet, Dubose Porter, et al’s fault as it is Jane Kidd’s, but who is even counting at this point?

    The most hilarious part about this is that Michelle Conlon was actually intimidated enough by this guy to not run in the first place? I think that show me all about her character that I need to know.

  3. atlantaman says:

    It’s a little comical that this “millionaire”, who attained such status while in his teens, still lives with his mom.

  4. midtown_maven says:

    >The most hilarious part about this is that
    >Michelle Conlon was actually intimidated >enough by this guy to not run in the first place?

    I wonder that too. Well let’s hope Michelle gets on the ballot and is not intimidated by Jacobs.
    That’s why you should size up your opponents in person, ask around, see what they’re made of .

    Good luck Michelle

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