Where are you, Barry?

The Club for Growth fires another shot at Barry Fleming:

Since the day he entered Congress, Rep. Paul Broun has been a strong opponent of Congress’ wasteful pork-barrel system. Immediately, he voted against wasteful pork projects, like the Lobster Institute in Maine, the Shellfish Research Institute in New Jersey, grape genetics research in New York, and a multi-state wood utilization grant. In a demonstration of his commitment to saving taxpayers money, Paul Broun received a 100% on the Club for Growth’s 2007 RePORK Card.

Rep. Broun has also pledged not to request any earmarks, a courageous act for which he was praised by the Athens Banner-Herald for “setting a standard his colleagues would do well to follow.” The question is: Why hasn’t Barry Fleming taken an anti-earmark pledge as well?

To date, 46 members of Congress have taken an anti-earmark pledge, Democrats included. “If even Democrats can take a pledge against earmarks, why can’t Barry Fleming?” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “How conservative can Barry Fleming be if he is not willing to lead on the issue of outrageous wasteful spending?


  1. Taft Republican says:

    Barry Fleming is running on a platform of pork. Promises that he’ll bring a bunch of wasteful spending of taxpayer money is the only hope he has of winning, especially in the Augusta area.

  2. jdsmith says:

    Paul Broun has also been endorsed by the League of Private Property Voters. Americans for Prosperity gave Broun a 100% voting record, and Broun has been endorsed the NRA and Georgia Right to Life.

    Reverend Lou Sheldon, the president of the Traditional Values Coalition, personally endorsed Paul Broun along with Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council.

    Team America PAC, a group founded by Congressman Tom Tancredo to fight for secure borders and to correct lax immigration policies, has endorsed Paul Broun saying that he can be trusted to be a “100% unwavering leader in the battle against amnesty.”

  3. Icarus says:

    I really think the key to victory for Mr. Broun is two-fold,

    1) He really needs to work to get some endorsements, and

    2) He really should make sure people know about any that he may have, instead of keeping them a secret.

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