More on Albert Chambers

This story keeps festering and I’m getting flack from all sides.

Here’s what I can tell you: I don’t know anything about Albert Chambers’s allegations against Dan Weber. What I do know is that this all stems from he quest to get Dunwoody incorporated as a city.

Likewise, I have heard now from several good friends who say that whatever Albert Chambers’s beef is, Dan Weber has nothing to do with it. And that seems to be the major source of contention here.

Jill Chambers and Dan Weber have been at odds over Dunwoody incorporation, but unless Weber has a Jekyll/Hyde complex, everyone I’m hearing from this morning says Weber has always been above board in battling for Dunwoody and has not done anything underhanded.

If Mr. Chambers has evidence of Senator Weber doing something, I’ll gladly put it up, but that seems to the point here — Mr. Chambers is angry. There have been personal attacks against Rep. Chambers. But there seems to be no tie between any of it and Senator Weber, so why lash out at him?


  1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Listen to the recordings. His voice is awesome. I was waiting for him to say, “This is the Zodiac speaking . . . “

  2. Tea Party says:

    @peachy LOL. I cannot BELIEVE some spoke of banning GOPeach! Poifect! ROLF LOL

    @Jack Do not make anyone ‘…very, very angry..’

    The question was asked here and elsewhere, what is FAIR Game in politics? Kids, spouses????

    The 11th GOP commandment “Thou shalt not eat each other lunch in public” is broken by all concerned.

    Since Rep. Chambers has only 300 votes at stake, in a mixed Dem/GOP district, her motivations are less suspect, to me, than those of city proponents.

    I think that the RHINOS got loose at Dunwoody’s Brook Run Park….

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