In the running for “Worst Campaign Website Ever” and “Worst Campaign Platform”

Clayton County Police Officer Yasmin Neal is running for House District 75 and, quite frankly, has an incredibly bad website.

The official URL sums up its quality:

It makes me wonder why she would even bother putting it together in the first place. According to this, she’s only 23…which is clearly indicated by the gibberish she sent into the LWV for their voter guide.

[UPDATE 10 July 2008]: I think it is important to also point out the truly inspiring campaign platform that Officer Neal has on her site.

CHILDREN: “Through being a representative, I plan to support good legislation in reference to the youth of the county and the state.”

HEALTHCARE: “I plan to support legislation in reference to healthcare availability to the citizens in Georgia and I plan to explore options in reference alternating ways to fund health options and hospitals.”

ENVIRONMENT: “I plan to support good legislation in reference to the well being of our land.”

ECONOMY: “I plan to support a healthy economy.”

SENIORS: “I plan to support good legislation that ensures the wellbeing of seniors and the elderly.”

SAFETY: “I plan to support good legislation that supports the emergency services.”


  1. crazy_bastard says:

    I think I might just vote for her… here are the reasons:

    1. She was working for a journalism degree and has completely disregarded everything they teach you in primary school about punctuation and grammar as a whole.

    2. She seems to have been teaching some type of gardening classes in February of ’08 (according to her Calendar of Events)

    3. And for the kicker… her sister’s name is Minja. I even had to look this one up. The Urban Dictionary tells me this means “mini-ninja”. They are defined as “small, fast, and very dangerous”. Santa’s elves are believed to be “minjas”.

  2. Know Nothing says:

    I’m not kidding when I say 5 or 6 years ago, kids at my high school had better websites for student council.

    Thank God I didn’t go to Valdosta State. Had I, I would send back my diploma after seeing this website.

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I don’t think she lives in the district.

    “Campaign Headquarters * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234”

    A myspace page could be more effective than this template, and then at least people could remember the URL.

  4. This is great! 🙂 On top of everything else, she didn’t notice she still needed to fill in some placeholders… Her address is listed as

    Campaign Headquarters * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234

    Does it get any better than this?

  5. ecwoodrow says:

    You guys make fun of her, but I think it’s a brilliant contrast to her opponents platform:

    CHILDREN: “I plan to support legislation that will corrupt the youth of the county and the state.”

    HEALTHCARE: “I plan to support legislation that will prevent all of our citizens from getting any form of Healthcare.”

    ENVIRONMENT: “I plan to support legislation that will call for Georgia to be set on fire.”

    ECONOMY: “I plan to destroy our economy.”

    SENIORS: “I plan to support legislation that ensures the seniors and the elderly will be euthanized.”

    SAFETY: “I plan to release all of the prisoners in Georgia’s prisons and fire all of Georgia’s police and fire officers.”

    FAMILY: “My sisters name is Mirate (mini-pirate).”

  6. Doug Deal says:

    At least she didn’t use the “flash” tag or “marquee”. She could have made it a lot, lot, worse.

    I wonder if her C.H.E.S.S. platform takes a strong stand on the pawn to king 4 issue?

  7. Rogue109 says:

    Did anyone notice this quote at the bottom of the main page:

    “Success never sleeps, Sleep is too close to death, and I’m not dead yet!”- Yasmin Neal

    So….she never sleeps and is, thus, successful? Bizarre.

    If it wasn’t for Keith Gross’ sexual preferences, she and he would make a good couple with a lot in common: young, clueless, and running for the State House.

  8. youngconservative says:

    Another sleepless female democratic candidate. Maybe she should run for presidency.

  9. Big Mack says:

    You are all too serious about this web page. You think that it is a page in support of a political candidate; but it is not. It is a page in support of Halloween, full of goblins and haints.

  10. Rick Day says:


    Laugh. She is still better than any incumbent either side has. Honesty is a virtue, she admits she has no solutions (who really does?) but she knows what the problems are.

    You know-it-all web design biddy hens should take her under your collective right-wings. I bet she would soak up the advice.

    Do something good today besides sit on your fat arses and mock the young and eager.

    I’d vote for Ficus Tree, if I thought s/he would kick an incumbent out.

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