I volunteered for the Scotts and all I got was $85 and this lousy t-shirt.

A complaint has been filed in, of all places, Clayton County against Jewel and Lee Scott. Jewel is the District Attorney and Lee is running for County Commission Chairman.

“Friends of Jewel Scott and Friends of Lee Scott” e-mailed Clayton residents Wednesday, offering $85 for help with their campaign for the primary.

Reached at home on Wednesday, Jewel Scott said she didn’t know about the e-mail but didn’t see anything wrong it.

“That’s not paying for votes,” she said. “That’s asking people to come forward to man the polls.”

Lee Scott said he will speak to an election attorney and the secretary of state’s office to determine if any violations were committed.

“If it’s wrong, we’ll change it,” he said. “We’re short about 20 people for volunteers.”

Joe Upshaw, a resident of Jonesboro since 1996, filed the complaint Wednesday several hours after receiving the Scotts’ e-mail.

“I think it’s a thinly veiled attempt to purchase votes,” Upshaw said in an interview. “No other candidates are paying volunteers. Volunteers are volunteers.”

In addition to the $85….

…workers will receive lunch and a T-shirt featuring the Scotts, and other Democratic candidates.


  1. DemBones says:

    How can you post something like this and not give a link to where we can sign up?

    Those T-shirts are bound to be collectors items when one or both of them go to prison.

  2. drjay says:

    i’m not a lawyer thankfully–but on the surface this sounds like a solicitation for temp workers basically–unions pay people to picket–for example–if they file the expenditure in their reports why couldn’t they offer money to “volunteers” to work for them…this seems more benign to me than alot of things that go on…

    (i’m not in atlanta–but i know the scott’s elicit strong feelings from folks and i know clayton county politics are colorful and rough and tumble–so i’m not even commenting on that just on the t-shirts and 85 bucks…)

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:

    On surface I do not see anything wrong with this. I know that several times over the years the College Republicans have been asked to come out to volunteer and would receive 50.00 a day.

    Seems like they have to get the manpower somewhere, and when a campaign (or party) lacks people willing to volunteer, they have to be willing and able to pay.

  4. midtown_maven says:

    Give the folks credit for actually paying the little guy to work on a campaign. How many of us have ever been paid for our campaign volunteer time?

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