Another Example Of the Incompetence of Clayton County DA Jewel Scott

I wasn’t going to bring this up because Clayton County District Attorney Jewel Scott is black and I am white (which, of course, means I’m evil), but after seeing Buzz’s entry below on yet another complaint against this moron of a prosecutor, it’s important to bring yet another case of mismanagement to ya’lls attention.

From the June 30, 2008 edition of Clayton News Daily:

Jeffrey Winslow, Jr., is accused of murdering 17-year-old Edward Bernard Mills last October, allegedly shooting him in the back after an argument over marijuana and money. Winslow was a juvenile at the time of the slaying, but was sent to Superior Court to be tried as an adult because he was charged with murder.

A state law enacted in 2006 says that juveniles have to be indicted within 180 days, or the case has to be sent to juvenile court.

Winslow has now been sitting in prison, un-indicted, for more than 250 days.

Yes, because of the incompetent management of her own office and the placement of inexperienced individuals in positions of authority, the most that this murderer is going to be able to get in custody is four years, rather than life without parole, in prison.

But what does DA Jewel Scott have her office do when faced with this? Why…cry and moan and ask a Judge to ignore the law!

At a hearing earlier this month, Assistant District Attorney Anece Baxter White asked for more time to indict the case, because the office had misunderstood when the time line started, and because the police department detective had not finished his case file. [Superior Court Judge Deborah] Benefield rejected the motion, ruling the district attorney’s office did not show “good cause,” for the delay. […] On Friday, the district attorney’s office attempted to prove they had done “due diligence” in the case, during the hearing on a “Motion for Reconsideration.” That “concerted effort,” according to the evidence presented Friday, basically consisted of Chief Assistant Todd Naugle reading a computer print-out on a monthly basis.

Oh, but it gets better:

Arguing the office should be given more time, so the juvenile can be tried as an adult, [Assistant District Attorney Anece] White admitted prosecutors had made a mistake. “That’s a mistake, your honor,” White said. “That’s not negligence. That’s a mistake.” Questioned about the difference, White told Benefield that “negligence” means not doing something, but the judge disagreed, saying “negligence” means doing something carelessly. Benefield grew frustrated at the hearing, and at one time, snapped at White and said, “because it’s ‘the law.'”

When you have a District Attorney who has never handled a criminal matter, never been in court, and only knows real estate law…this is what you get.


  1. Chris says:

    Rogue – you’re not evil because you’re white. You’re evil because you’re not a liberal-socialist. There are plenty of evil black people – Condi Rice, Alan Keys, Herman Cain.

    Of course, if Alan Keys were a resident of Illinois and not a complete wacko, we might not be having to say President Obama in a little over 5 months.

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