We should all join Georgia Carry

They fight the good fight.

The gun rights group suing Atlanta and its airport over restrictions on firearms in the terminal asked a federal judge Tuesday for a temporary order stopping officials from arresting anyone caught with a weapon.

GeorgiaCarry.org filed a federal lawsuit July 1, the day a new gun law took effect in Georgia, when airport officials threatened to arrest a state legislator who had announced he planned to bring a handgun to the airport when he went there to pick up visitors. On July 1, Georgia law changed to allow permitted guns in state parks, restaurants that serve alcohol and on mass transit. Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport General Manager Ben DeCosta said guns in the airport would violate another state law that bans firearms at “public gatherings,” and said they would have police arrest anyone bringing a firearm to the airport.


  1. brhuggins says:

    It’s simple really, enforce and abide by the law as it is written. Look at the language of HB 89 and it is readily apparent that the city has no legal footing. If Shirley and DeCosta were trying to limit the exercise of speech in the airport, everyone and his brother would be up in arms denouncing them. Why is a similar Constitutional right less worthy of rigorous defense?

  2. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    Liberals can not possibly warm up to a right such as the RKBA under the Second. It does not meet the criteria required for liberal support because: (1) it is an explicit right in the constitution, not one cut from whole cloth through subjective judgment of judges of a liberal bent; (2) it does not involve advancing sexual deviance, vulgar speech, porno or other prurience in contravention of existing social standards; (3) it does not involve the power to kill innocent, unborn children while still in the womb; (4) it does not involve releasing guilty criminals; (5) it does not set up a contest with the religious beliefs and mores of mainstream America; and (6) it is too common and mainstream to want to keep and bear arms, it simply is not counterculture enough for the “progressives.”

  3. boyreporter says:

    It’s fun to watch you knuckle-dragging gun-lovers froth at the mouth over any suggestion that guns ought to be controlled just like we control other dangers to public health. You all need a good woman to cuddle with to replace snuggling under your scaredy-cat covers with a “piece” that makes you feel manly. Little old ladies and kids go to and from church, school, restaurants — and the damned airport — unarmed. But you guys are too timid to venture out without ‘protection.” How cowardly. You can tell a lot about a person by what his priorties are. If guns are what gets you excited, I wouldn’t admit it.

  4. Rogue109 says:

    You all need a good woman to cuddle with to replace snuggling under your scaredy-cat covers with a “piece” that makes you feel manly.

    SpaceyG has already followed that suggestion with limited success.

  5. Game Fan says:

    I had just commented on another subject regarding why the Democrats will never corner the market on the “average Joe” vote. And the first and Second Amendment are just a couple. Good thing for Republicans that they’ve got their share of social architects and control freaks.

  6. boyreporter says:

    Rogue, your fascination with SpaceyG is getting a little bit creepy. She’s smart, tough, classy and good-looking, believe me. Out of your league, so hitch up your holster and go fantasize about saving ODB and Howard Roark from the meanies who keep taking their lunch money and breaking their pencils.

  7. Tinkerhell says:

    Erick – so I take it that this means you & your wife filled out the apps I dropepd off at the blood drive the other day 🙂

    boyreporter – so typical of the left wing nuts that you IMMEDIATELY resort to ad-hominem attacks when you don’t like something. Of course you have little option in the manner of your attacks since you don’t have a non-biased statistical fact to stand on; only your emotions that “guns are bad and scary”. You are right, little old ladies and kids go to schools, churches, airports, and parks all the time; pretty much daily you can find a news article where a woman or child has been hurt, raped or killed at one of those locations. If more people learned to use and responsibly carry firearms and a few more thugs out there started learning that some of the sheep they like to prey upon are not sheep then the crime rates in our country would go down. No point in trying to convince you, you are obviously rabidly anti-gun. That’s fine, your prerogative and I won’t call you names because of it. It’s just a shame that you can’t leave the rest of us that are willing to be responsible and take care of ourselves alone. You say guns should be controlled. I agree, the responsible & legal guns owners have all gone through FBI and GBI checks to make as certain as possible that we are qualified to own a gun. Most of us also spend a great deal of money and time to become proficient with our firearms both for the enjoyment we get out of going to the range and the knowledge that if, Lord help it never happens, anything bad should happen to us. We won’t even get into the fact that this issue is about the law and the fact that the Mayor is trying to 100% ignore it. That’s addressed by others above. Anyway, you have a nice day and I hope you or those you love never have the need of a firearm. If you do just give 911 a call. I’m sure someone will be around in 5 or 10 minutes to help you out.

  8. boyreporter says:

    And ’round and ’round it goes…gun worship, pro-proliferation and no conscience about what it does. My point was simply that people who love guns have psychological problems. They substitute firearms for whatever (care to guess what?) is missing in their miserable lives. And all those guns victims? Maybe they wouldn’t be if we controlled guns better…as in any at all. It’s the ready availability of guns…thanks to Tinker and her posse…that’s the main problem. Now go suck on the nipple of a .38; it’s story time, followed by a nap, filled with fantasies of heroically blowing someone away.

  9. Game Fan says:

    Here’s a cool vid. about the advantages of gun ownership. Decaprio. Crowe. Hackman. Stone. They don’t call it the peacemaker fer nuthin’.

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