Senate Leadership Backs Chapman

And from Jim Galloway, back from vacation, at the AJC, we have a blurb that Chapman, despite his bucking the wishes of Atlanta for how his district should be (or not be) re-developed, is being supported by Senate Leadership. 

From Tommie Williams:

“He’s for the little guy. Almost every bill he considers — he’s not considering whether a major corporation is going to profit. He’s considering just what it means to the poor guy out there that’s working 9 to 5,’ ” 


  1. atlantaman says:

    What is “being for the little guy?” Apparently it means you’re not for bringing in major corporations that are successful enough to earn a profit and pay their employees a respectable wage.

    I just don’t know if Georgia has enough burger flipping and ditch-digging jobs for all of the little people.

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