Sam Nunn On Pakistan, Iran, diplomacy, etc.

A series of videos of Sam Nunn and Colin Powell speaking together last week about national and global security issues are here.


  1. JamesStratfield says:

    The segment on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is pretty interesting to hear from Powell’s perspective

  2. J Konop says:

    This demonstrates are irrational policy in the Middle East.

    Despite conflict, U.S. does business with Iran

    AP-The rhetoric between the Bush administration and Iran may get tougher and tougher, but the trade marches on.

    Terrorists and nuclear ambitions aside, the United States sells Iran brassieres and bull semen, cosmetics, cigarettes and a host of other goods, possibly even rifles.

    In the words of President Calvin Coolidge: “The chief business of the American people is business.”

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