1. GOPGrassroots says:

    So, while Jim Martin seeks to convince Georgia voters that he should be elected as a Federal lawmaker, he disregards Federal Election Commission Law and does not disclose his 2nd Quarter contributions and expenditures.

    For a truly dismal campaign so far, this really brings things to a new low. Lazy campaigning is one thing, ignoring Federal Election Law is another. Remind me why Harry Reid went out and recruited this guy.

    When Martin got in this race he promised potential supporters that he would raise 2.5 Million dollars for the primary and that he would do another 5 Million for the General…yeah right.

    Jim Martin is either a outright liar or he is a complete moron for believing the lines fed to him by Harry Reid.

  2. JamesStratfield says:

    Thanks for the link. I’d have to say that something is up with the Martin campaign. They continue to run a shoddy campaign for one that claims to have support.

    Martin must be embarrassed about something or just outright foolish. Probably both.

  3. GeorgiaValues says:

    Vernon = all the ladies, minus the Obama girl

    Rand = all the major endorsements, lots of debt to retire after this is over

    Dale = all the stunts, all the passion, why do the Dems hate him?

    Josh = all the rhetoric, no reality

    Martin = all the hopes…all the promises…all the lies

  4. HeartofGa says:

    This smells, Erick. It’s interesting that you only focus on Martin. Looks to me as if Saxby himself has gotten a letter like this during a past cycle, not to mention many letters requesting more information because the reports he did provide were not adequate. Plus-again interesting-Vernon Jones got the exact same letter, on the same day, and you fail to mention it. In fact, as of right now, none of the candidates’ reports for the last quarter are showing up on the FEC site. What I do see, and what you fail to mention is that Martin has been timely filing his required 48 hour reports, right up through 7/2. Clearly, Martin has nothing to hide. This is nonsense.

  5. JamesStratfield says:

    Heart completely ignores the issue at hand.

    Jim Martin failed to file his second quarter report. How can you get around that? He’s not filing it because he’s afraid to reveal something. The 48-hour reports are insufficient. If he filed those why wouldn’t he file his quarter report? Its because he had an extremely subpar fundraising period.

  6. DemBones says:

    I may be missing something, but following the links that are in the comment it appears that Jim Martin’s campaign was sent a letter on 7/7/08 and filed the report on 7/8/08.

    It appears that he raised $430,000 during the reporting period and spent slightly more than that, and has more than $300,000 cash on hand. Of course he also has about $145,000 in debts.

    Not too shabby.

    It also appears that Jones (snuggles?) got the same letter – and has yet to respond.

    Mr. Lanier has not reported.

    Cardwell was on time and has a little over $20,000 on hand.

    Rand Knight filed his on time and has $54,000 on hand.

    My 2 cents worth.

  7. JamesStratfield says:

    Check the latest on http://GeorgiaPremium.blogspot.com

    Martin still violated the FEC deadline which was 6/25 due to his lackluster fundraising. Upon entering the race he claimed he’d raise $2.5 million for the primary alone! Yeah, well he hasn’t even done a third of that. Congrats Jim on living up to your prediction.

    Not only that but Martin now has well over $100,000 in campaign debt. Nice job

  8. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I can not find it on his record at the FEC.

    Furthermore, Senate campaigns do not file with the FEC. They file with the Secretary of the Senate.

    All things aside. I think this is a bunch of b/s that none of you bothered to fact check. There is a “Request for Additional Information,” but a software glitch caused that little problem.

    This is exactly why Erick is not a real journalist. No-fact checking and he has an agenda. He either support Vernon Jones of Saxby’s re-election. Both candidate at just horrible people. Saxby is a draft-dodging hypocrit (sorry deferment) and we all know of Vernon’s antics over the years.

  9. JamesStratfield says:


    He has since filed. But he did so after the deadline. Look on his Pre-Primary report that was filed in July. The deadline was on June 25th! Give me a break. You’re the one who clearly wants to see one thing and is blind to the truth.

    By the way, candidates file to the Secretary of the Senate but it is an FEC report that they file. So cram it.

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