Club for Growth stands up for Broun

The Club for Growth has slammed Barry Fleming and the Augusta Chronicle:

The Augusta Chronicle recently endorsed Barry Fleming over incumbent Congressman Paul Broun. The paper has either bought into Barry Fleming’s campaign propaganda or just woke up from an eleven-month slumber.

The Chronicle argues that Broun has not been effective in his eleven months in office, but this claim could not be more wrong. As a new member of Congress, Broun has displayed the kind of courage and principle rarely seen in Washington. There is no question that the Republican Party has lost its commitment to limited government and fiscal responsibility, and any hope of reviving that brand will depend on courageous leaders who are willing to stand up and make the case for conservative principles. Paul Broun has proven himself to be one of these leaders.

Take the issue of pork-barrel spending. Even as a new member of Congress, Broun has shown the courage and mettle to take on Congress’ wasteful and often corrupt earmarking system. Broun has voted against every wasteful earmark in the House and has taken a self-imposed moratorium on earmarks. We have not witnessed the same kind of principle from Barry Fleming. Not only has Fleming failed to take the anti-pork pledge sponsored by Citizens Against Government Waste, he has consistently played a large part in passing state budgets routinely larded with pork.