Butterworth takes exception to GRTL PAC

He didn’t get an endorsement. Here’s an explanation:

The Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee (GRTL PAC) refused to provide State Senate Candidate Jim Butterworth with its pre-election candidate questionnaire. The Butterworth campaign contacted GRTL numerous times regarding the questionnaire, but the organization would not respond. Surprisingly, GRTL PAC did provide questionnaires to hundreds of candidates statewide so that the candidates could state their positions on pro-life issues.


BTW, I think Butterworth’s online logo is pretty cool.


  1. Howard Roark says:

    It only seems fair that all candidates would receive a survey before an endorsement was mailed just before the election.

    For the record candidates being pro-life is high on my list however I don’t receive information from GRTL. I wonder how large their mailing list is in the 50th district.

  2. bowersville says:

    It is not fair that the GRTL refused to send Jim Butterworth a questionnaire on which to base it’s endorsement or lack there of. It has the appearance of BIAS.

    What criteria did the GRTL base it’s decision not to at least send Butterworth a questionnaire?

    What’s going on GRTL?

    Do you think it’s fair to not endorse a candidate without at least knowing the candidate’s position on GRTL issues?

  3. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Dang. And GRTL is usually so honest and forthright in everything they do. This is totally out of character for them. ( . . . rolls eyes . . . )

    Typical behavior from a worthless paper tiger.

  4. RobertC says:

    I am pro life. I want to see pro life legislation passed. I’m glad they endorsed Nancy who has been a long time pro life advocate. but why play games and not even engage other pro life candidates like butterworth or rogers or some of these other candidates out there?

    it is embarrassing that GRTL is the most worthless political organization in GA today. Dan Becker is not shrewd or principled. he’s a hack on a power trip.

    and the rest of their paid leadership is a disgrace too. a totally unprofessional organization.

    when is that board going to wake up? and when are they going to audit their political fund to find out who is making money off the sales of their useless mailing list?

    something is very, very rotten at that group.

  5. Jane says:

    While I disagree with the policy I understand it. GARTL does not give out surveys to challengers who they would never endorse. They reason they would never endorse Butters as a challenger against Nancy Schaefer is because they do not endorse a challenger against a previously endorsed incumbents without a very very good reason. GARTL did not endorse Bobby Franklin when he ran as a challenger against a pr0-life incumbent.

  6. bowersville says:

    What is the criteria for that very very good reason?

    Does it have anything to do with a paid GRTL legislative lobbyist living in the 50th district?

    What was that very very good criteria the GRTL used when it endorsed both the incumbent and the challenger in House District 118? Harbin(I) and challenger Bennedict both received GRTL’s endorsement.

    I bet those endorsements started with a questionnaire and then due consideration.

  7. RobertC says:

    Bowersville – good point. very good point.

    Again, I don’t have a problem with GRTL endorsing nancy or any candidate who adheres to their position on the life issue.

    I have a problem with those paid morons over at GRTL playing political games and UNDERMINING the cause of life at the State Capitol rather than HELPING it.

  8. HLittle says:

    Jim Butterworth is a great candidate and will represent the 50th Dist. well. He is as pro-life as Nancy ever was and thats GRTL’s problem. I am not a part of that organization and never will be. Although, I will hazard a guess that Jim Butterworth will treat them better, when he’s elected, than they have treated him. They can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I’m concerned.

  9. GOPeach says:

    Hey look- you made your point. That is what matters. You raised awarness, put it on the web-site, made a thread on Peach Pundit. You are doing good. Just don’t get mean about it. Did you see what happened to me when I vented???? People get really mad at you. Take it from me…

  10. bowersville says:

    When Dan Becker refuses to make a public statement on behalf of GRTL that it was not GRTL’s intent to imply that Jim Butterworth is not pro-life by offering a flimsy excuse that we always endorse incumbents then that makes Dan Becker a political HACK. It doesn’t help the GRTL cause.

    Clear as mud Dan Becker and it stinks.

    So who is hurting the pro-life movement?

  11. RobertC says:

    GOPeach – you are rambling, incoherent fool.

    We have not made our point. There should be an audit of GRTL PAC to find out who is making money off their little games and secret contracts.

    And yes, we should get mean about it. Pompous windbags like Dan Becker and his cronies over there are hurting the cause of life with their petty games. Their mailers say “Vote as if a life depends on it.” Life does depend on it and these fools are playing petty games trying to act like they’re important.

    This is why it took so long to pass some real pro life legislation at the capitol.

  12. WhoWhatWhen says:

    Butterworth is pro-life through and through. Sticking with Schaefer, the least effective legislator in modern Georgia history, is just the latest mistake in Becker’s fruitless career.

    Ever wonder why Bible belt Georgia’s doesn’t get meaningful pro-life laws? Go meet Dan Becker.

  13. GOPeach says:

    Robert – You are a tacky ass suck egg dog.
    Shut up and listen to me, you jerk!

    If you really want to get something done – you need to hook up with the Black Ministers and Leaders who I hear are about to open fire in the next session. They are organizing now… Stop cursing the darkness and LIGHT A BLOW TORCH!

  14. engineer says:

    Does GRTL surver both democrats and republicans for the general election? If so they should survey all GOP candidates. Butterworth and who ever else is running was done wrong by the GRTL policy.

    I just got off the phone with someone who ran for a state house seat a while back in the 50th district. In his race GRTL surveyed both the democrat and republican in the primary (both were running unopposed) and they endorsed the democrat in the primary. The GOP candidate protested and GRTL said they would make it right in the general election. When the general election rolled around they endorsed the democrat who had no prolife record. He did have a great survey form and WAS AN INCUMBENT. A year later at the GRTL conference they went on and on about how the incumbent had suckered them and they would never help him again.

    Sounds like GRTL needs some effective leadership.

  15. bowersville says:

    Peach, there is nothing wrong with hooking up with Black Ministers and Leaders.

    I hope Becker understands, the black leaders from the 50th are coming over this BS from him and that lobbyist for that GRTL that lives in the 50th.

  16. Icarus says:

    Just to clarify Bowersville’s point, “there is nothing wrong with hooking up with Black Ministers and Leaders”;

    just make sure that they are single, and the relations are consensual, Peach.

  17. bowersville says:

    Peach, let me be gut honest with you, if Dan Becker makes a ROBO call into the 50th district about the 50th Senate race and “vote as if your life is on the line” there will be such an uprising as Becker can’t imagine.

    If the GRTL wants to resolve this, Becker needs to make a public statement that the GRTL did not mean to imply that Jim Butterworth is not pro-life.

    Be fore warned.

  18. Romegaguy says:

    all this talk about hooking up with black leaders I was wondering if this was a thread about Snuggles

  19. GOPeach says:

    But unlike Obama – they identify with their white mother who gave them a healthy birth, breast milk,
    food, clothes, and home schooling so would not get shot up in an East Point public school~ As well as their black father who is a fine physician who loves Jesus.

  20. GOPeach says:

    Bower –

    Are you writing from CTU? 🙂

    I think you need to go easy on Dan Becker because he is doing a great job. Where have YOU and Mr. Butterworth been in the last 40 years on this issue???? WHY is it soooooooo important to you NOW when you NEED VOTES on Primary Early Voting Week????

    I have NEVER seen you all at the GRTL rallies, or FUND RAISERS!!! I have NEVER seen you all at the abortion mills handing out literature to the victims of abortion. I have NEVER seen Mr. Butterworth work on Pro-Life Bills as a concerned citizen…

    UNLESS you have TRULY been in the TRENCHES …. stop saying you are in this Army … NOW when it is down to the wire and you need votes.

  21. yellowhammer says:

    “But unlike Obama – they identify with their white mother who gave them a healthy birth, breast milk,
    food, clothes…”

    “I think sometimes that had I known she would not survive her illness, I might have written a different book—less a meditation on the absent parent, more a celebration of the one who was the single constant in my life. In my daughters I see her every day, her joy, her capacity for wonder. I won’t try to describe how deeply I mourn her passing still. I know that she was the kindest, most generous spirit I have ever known, and that what is best in me I owe to her.”
    -Barack Obama

    That really sounds like someone who does not identify with their mother…… no matter what color she was.

  22. Howard Roark says:


    I have held a sign in lifechain events. I have supported Toccoa Life ministries. I have battled for pro-life candidates (as I do no for Jim Butterworth) and I have attended rallies on the Mall in D.C. addressing life issues. I also have defended pro-life ministry workers from local democrats at county festivals who verbally attack the pro-life groups in their booths. Being willing to physically stand in the gap if needed is important.

    Jim is a pro-life candidate. The GRTL group chose not to survey him. Even if they were going to automatically support his competition that is a lack of fairness.

    BTW you asked where has Jim been for the last 40 years on the life issue. He has served his country as a B-1 bomber pilot for 12 years in the military. He is a pilot for Delta airlines. He is certified to carry a H & K 40 caliber semi-automatic pistol while in the cockpit to protect the lives of those on his plane. He is 42 years old with 3 children ages 11, 8 and 11 months. He has been part of the pro-life movement and will continue to be a part when elected Senator of the 50th senate district.

    I just wish GRTL had shown him the courtesy of sending him a survey before making an endorsement.

  23. Howard Roark says:

    Also GOpeach

    Jim as served as vice chairman and chairman of the Habersham county commission for the last 4 years. Couple the facts listed along with his educational years which ended with a degree from UGA that pretty much covers where he has been for the last 4o years.

  24. GOPeach says:

    Well Howard & Jim Butterworth….

    I hope you both know that WE NEED PRO-LIFE WOMEN under the GOLD DOME more than men as this concerns WOMEN who must know that they have rights over THEIR bodies but they do not have the RIGHTS over their Child’s Bodies.

    It is great that you GUYS are Pro-Life.. BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW that WOMEN need to have a voice at the capital and I hope and pray you will support PRO-LIFE WOMEN CANDIDATES for the SENATE. This is most needed as the majority f voters in GEORGIA are PRO-LIFE women and yet THEY are the LEAST represented at the capital.

  25. Romegaguy says:

    Wow a pissing contest over abortion. Who would ever believe GOPeach would be involved with this?

  26. Howard Roark says:

    I am for electing effective legislators who are pro life, but also can address other issues with competence. We need an effective senator in our district.

    Paul Broun has GRTL’s endorsement and Nancy Schaefer has said terrible things about him in the 50th district. Remember she was going to run against Paul then she wasn’t going to run, then she was retiring and at the last moment she decided to run for her senate seat against a man (Jim Butterworth) whom she had given her word to that she was not going to run.

    Keeping your word to your fellow man (or women) is important.

  27. GOPeach says:

    Oh REALLY???

    Well if she said she would NOT run ( because she was trying to unseat PAUL the most awesome congressman Georgia ever has BROUN) …

    then SHAME on her! That was NOT right! I am sorry to hear that. Really I am. That is disappointing.

    Okay… so IF you come up short this time… YOU GOT your name out there and DO IT AGAIN!!!!

  28. Howard Roark says:
  29. WhoWhatWhen says:

    As much as GaPeach may believe in the pro-life cause, and as much work as she puts into it, in the end her good work can’t overcome Dan Becker’s poor leadership. The sooner GaPeach and others like her wake up to this reality the sooner Georgia’s pro-life movement will begin to realize its promise.

    Becker’s tin ear political approach is a disservice to his cause and unfair to promising pro-life leaders like Jim Butterworth.

  30. bowersville says:

    Tin ear? Deaf ear is more like it. Try calling the GRTL and see what their answer is.

    We always endorse incumbents. Follow that response up with “That’s not true.” And point out a few past and present examples and they’ll get huffy with you.

    Ask the leadership at GRTL, “Which is more important, to advance the cause of GRTL by endorsing all candidates that are pro, or endorse an incumbent that is pro-life?”

    I don’t get it, it’s a win/win for the GRTL purpose which is to promote the pro-life position and not single out one candidate for endorsement and ignore the other two in the race for Senate 50.

    GRTL didn’t even bother to find out whether either of the other two in the race for Senate 50 were pro life.

    Dumb, really dumb.

  31. bowersville says:

    Let me make this real clear, Dan Becker knows Jim Butterworth’s strong pro-life position and Dan Becker will not budge.

  32. Jane says:

    Nancy was told that if she ran against Paul Broun it was likely that Paul would get the endorsement not Nancy. The protect the Friendly incumbents is a valid tactic. The NRA has done it for years. I do not hear you riping the NRA for thier pro-incumbent endorsements.

  33. umustbekidding says:

    I would never listen to GRTL. They always have a way of leaving out someone who is running against THEIR candidate.

  34. bowersville says:

    Apparently someone is not familiar with the NRA. The NRA ranks candidates. They don’t exclude any candidate if they can help it.

    They love to give anti 2nd Amendment candidates a big fat “F.”

  35. Icarus says:

    “They love to give anti 2nd Amendment candidates a big fat “F.” ”

    Also, incumbants with lifetime A+ ratings who don’t support their manufactured crisis legislation that isn’t supported by their local affiliate. Frigtards.

  36. bowersville says:

    Well does that qualify rating the NRA and GRTL as frigtards when it is obvious that personal preference for a particular candidate is the criteria used to endorse certain candidates?

    It’s not the first time.

  37. Icarus says:

    I still think we need to reserve the term Frigtard for the NRA, but I’m open to many similar terms that we could adopt for GRTL.

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