Albert Chambers gets my attention

I have now uploaded the message from Albert Chambers to Dan Weber. It has made me curious. What has been going on up in Dunwoody and what does Mr. Chambers think Senator Weber has done to his family. I’m genuinely curious. It sounds like there is a much larger story here.

You can listen to the message here.

Rep. Chambers put up a comment here. It appears, based on the allegations thus far, that Mr. Chambers had every reason to get pissed and make the phone call. My question is, what is Dan Weber doing that got this targeted at him? Likewise, Mr. Chambers said he’d go after them by “legal” means, so why the police report other than to inflame the situation?


  1. Tea Party says:

    6:04AM Dunwoody

    The facts about THIS plan to incorporate a small enclave of traditional GOP voters are distorted and twisted by the proponents who claim that anyone AGAINST their ‘plan’ is either a Rep. Chambers shill or simply ‘stupid’.

    I am neither and this is my personal experience.

    I have CONSISTENTLY supported smaller government, less taxes, and THIS plan to incorporate is really a very basic question:

    “How comfortable are YOU in having a ‘for-profit’ corpotation – CH2MHill – running YOUR city?” ALL of the new FULCO cities use CH2MHi;l, it is unproven in the longer term. A corporation can easily offer a 5 year ‘loss-leader’ to a new city, and make its’ profits after year five. At taxpayer expense.

    DeKalb has deep, perhaps even intractable issues, yet none are addressed by incorporation. The quality of MY life cannot be better if the COUNTY my CITY is located is both at war and a provider of basic services to the city.

    So gloat if you don’t live here and contemplate YOUR luck, or VOTE NO for Cityhood.

    I know this is a Statewide blog, but the political ramifications of this GOP effort (I vote GOP, as a fiscal conservative. Lately that has not gone well….) are clearly not about less government and lower taxes.

    The parties involved know who I am. And I have deep resources, so if anything untoward happens to me, documents have been filed.

    # # #

  2. DunwoodyRes says:

    It does not surprise me that Mr. Millar is in the middle of a childish dispute with Mr. Chambers.
    I have attended several meetings where Mr. Millar as been present. I’ve never been impressive. He often becomes overly combative and argumentative.

    I find it hard to believe these grown men need the Dekalb County Police to protect them from Mr. Chambers. Obviously, the police thought there was no merit based on media reports. Mr. Millar needs to grow up.

  3. Tea Party says:

    Pro Side:

    On Rep. Millar – Tough, experienced pugilististic advocate for the positions he believes in. I disagree with his advocacy of Dunwoody, but am proud to call him my Rep.

    On Sen. Weber -Honest. Dan admitted Dunwoody would cost more in House testimony and was told that in Sentate testimony.

    On Rep. Chambers – Fiscally conservative, proven record with MARTOC. Against incorporating Dunwoody, due in large part to the propoenent arrogance and their reluctance to provide factual information to legitimate questions.

    Con Side:

    In my opinion, Rep. Millar did not adequately ‘reach out’ to those that oppose incorporation. having ‘faith’ is NOT reason to buy into an additional layer of government (and NO it is NOT replacement gov’t)

    In my opinion, Sen. Weber provided an average (being gentle) explanations of how city costs and revenues would be incurred and collected.

    Lower cost thru using CH2MHill is hardly compelling, seems like a sales job for a BIG engineering firm. As a businessman, I find this plan unbelievable.

    “Life is but a stage” and these players are working it. How dull and meaningless our lives would be if there were not extremes in politics.

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