While I’ve been out

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around much. I’m actually traveling and was trying to spend some quality time with the family before heading out for a whirlwind tour of business interests across the country. You can catch me in D.C. this week and Austin, TX next week, btw.

In any event, I see the open inquiry thingy here. My response is this:

The purpose of the front page of Peach Pundit is to have fun discussing politics and news in Georgia. On occasion we all, on the front page, get on our high horse and get all partisan. By and large, however, we do a good job, I think, of trying to be fair and objective covering all sides.

I’m as happy to find Democrats for the front page as I am Republicans. Rogue fills a great void by being able to hit all the major news from around the state without overtly filling them up with a lot of personal partisan opinions. Those he saves for the comments, which is fine by me.

We actually have a number of Democrats who post on the front and keep it objective and balanced when they post. They just happen to be rather busy people who are not as frequent at posting.

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