More comments from Isakson & Chambliss & Video of Obama in Atlanta.

As Rogue mentioned, Senators Isakson and Chambliss held a brief telephone conference yesterday with reporters to comment on Senator Obama’s then upcoming visit to Atlanta. I was able to listen in and have some audio here. You will hear Isakson comment, then questions from the AJC’s Jim Galloway and 11Alive’s Denis O’Hayer.

Obama did come to Atlanta and below is video of that appearance.

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  1. J Konop says:

    Iraq PM Al-Maliki Raises Prospect Of U.S. Withdrawal Timetable

    McCain will balance the budget by winning the war in Iraq but is against the timetables that the Iraq government wants? And what will Obama do, listen to our generals or the Iraq government?

    NPR-Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki raised the prospect on Monday of setting a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops as part of negotiations over a new security agreement with Washington.

    “We are looking at the necessity of terminating the foreign presence on Iraqi lands and restoring full sovereignty,” al-Maliki told Arab ambassadors while on an official trip to the United Arab Emirates.

    Al-Maliki confirmed that a formal status of forces agreement was no longer being negotiated, instead he said a short-term deal — such as, a memorandum of understanding — would outline the legal status of U.S. forces in Iraq.

    The prime minister said that memorandum would also outline a possible timetable for withdrawal, or a promise by the U.S. that American troops would eventually withdraw. It is the first time the Iraqis have raised the idea.

    The Bush administration has always opposed such a move, saying it would give militant groups an advantage.

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