Advanced Voting Open Thread

I haven’t voted yet, but if I can I’ll vote today at lunch. Have any of you voted yet? Were there any crowds? Turnout in Gwinnett is expected to be light but what about the rest of the State? What are the hot races out there?


  1. Doug Deal says:

    Second time this year that I have voted on the first day of early voting, second time this year that a film crew caught me on tape.

    I voted in Bibb County, and the turnout was nothing to write home about when I was there.

  2. GOPeach says:


    Cobb School Board:

    Al Meyer (R) – vs. Daryl Wilson (R)
    AL MEYER is the pick because he has been active in the party for years. Daryl Wilson is a democrat that just switched to the GOP. He may be okay but who knows? Too early to tell.

    Betty Gray (D) Incumbent
    David Morgan (D)

    The pick here is David Morgan ( I just found out from a very reliable source that he is Alicia Morgan’s husband and is a “School Choice” activist). The students in South Cobb look more like David than they do Betty.

    Cobb Board of Commissioners:

    Joe Thompson(R) Incumbent
    Bob Ott (R) –

    Bob Ott ?????

    Dr. Michael Rhett (D)
    Annette Kesting (D) Incumbent
    Woody Thompson (D)

    DR. RHETT is the pick. Kestling needs to take better care of her rental properties. Woody Thompson just switched partiest ( officially ). We in South Cobb, always knew he was a democrat! He is Steve Thompson’s brother and Terry Johnson’s boyfriend. ( they do spend a lot of private time together apart from their wives)

    State House

    Earl Ehrhart(R) vs. Tammy Bailey Rohner (R)

    We know Earl. Tammy, I hear is all heart. She is a smart Real Estate Broker who is a child advocate. We need this!

    US. Congress – 13th District

    David Scott ( D) vs. Donzella James (D)

    Donzella is the pick. David Scott is hideous.

  3. tb says:

    Hot Races in Forsyth.

    School Board
    Ed Castle (R) vs Tom Cleveland (R-I)

    Darla Light (R), Fletcher McCone (R) and Sheila Elliott (Dem)

    Tim Plotner (R) and Nancy Roche (R -I)

    *My picks are Castle, McCone, Plotner, I feel these folks are running on a conservative platform and wanting more open government with fiscal responsibility (Lord Knows we need that desperately in this town)

    Another Hot Race is
    David Richard (R-I) vs Patrick Bell (R) and Jon Flack..
    There has been a great deal of mudslinging going on in this race. All you have to do is read Dave Richard’s website:
    This guy has irritated the masses with his rhetoric and is a lame duck in my opinion because he has irritated so many. (would be a great activist for a cause though I suppose)

    And then there is this for Forsyth C ounty Sheriff –
    Ted Paxton (R-I)
    Scott Pruitt (R)
    Brian Mallard (R)

    The two opponents to Paxton are running on a fiscal conservative platform and they hope to spend less yet provide the same service. Interesting to note…Mr. Pruitt was arrested May 2007 for alleged child pornography charges — AND THERE HAS STILL NOT BEEN AN INDICTMENT. I would like to know what the hold up is …or is it just ‘politics’ again. There are rumors that these charges have no merit, because Mr. Pruitt was an investigator and supposedly had access clearance for these files. Go figure. Us voters have no idea really, because mum is the word….and the District Attorney will not say when the indictment will occur or if it will occur at all. Quite honestly, I hope national media picks up the story on this race because of its ‘controversy’ and the level of public interest on this race. The papers need to follow up on what is going on with the supposed indictment on the alleged charges.

  4. drjay says:

    ok i’ll bite

    in chatham for the gop the local contested races are for county commision chair (dewberry v. mcmasters) and of course the ga 12 primaries for both parties

    also for the dems 5 folks are gunning to challenge chief ada lock for his bosses job as da in november

    in effingham the big race is the sherriff primary where a former deputy and current chief of a small muni force is aiming for the incumbent in a pretty dynamic race…

    i will probably try to vote by the end of the week

  5. DeacfromGA says:

    I voted yesterday in Cherokee at the Woodstock Public Library.

    I was number 87.

    Similar turnout from the PPP back in February up in Cherokee.

  6. joe says:

    I voted yesterday in Henry at the old Stockbridge library. I thought that the Chairman, BOC race would be hot (there are no Democrats, so it will be decided in the Republican primary), but when I voted, there were more poll workers than voters.

  7. drjay says:

    i voted today at lunch in chatham–it was not crowded but they were doing a steady business–i don’t know what number i was but the guy i asked said it has been steady-not super busy–but steady all week

  8. Taft Republican says:

    I heard that the big question in District 7 was whether Linder would win his primary…

  9. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Gilmer County had a grand total of 700 advance voters.

    All three Commissioners had opponents, the chair was the only incumbent running for reelection, I voted for him.

    Sean Jerguson should beat Mary Whilhite solidly this time hopefully laying her bid for this seat to rest until it becomes open again. Whilhite has the endorsement of John Linder and only lost by 35 votes two years ago.

    Charlice Byrd should sail to reelection over challenger Shawn O’Rourke.

    HD 3- Brad Scott and Tom Weldon are going into a runoff. Both have dropped several mail pieces, but Brad has been the one engaged in grassroots. Ron Forster and Jeff Mullis have been walking door to door with Brad.

    Jeff Lewis should beat challenger Paul Battles in a very close election. Both are engaged in heavy grassroots, and tons of mail. At last count- Jeff has dropped 14 pieces to date. Not sure about Battles.

  10. Rpolitic says:

    In Cherokee we had less than 1500 early votes. there are 3 school board seats contested this year as well as the house races and of course the Sheriff’s race.

    The Sheriff finds himself desperate and has sent hid boys our to use the County computers to start a classic smear campaign about Nicole. They have started the classic sexist comments and whispers. All because Roger got caught with his pants down with his illegal charity. I wish I could take credit for the WAGA investigative report but his arrognance has him against the ropes and the sankes are lashing out.
    Watch this one tuesday.

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