Augusta Chronicle endorses Fleming.

Apparently they rarely endorse people but the Augusta Chronicle has decided to weigh in on the GOP Primary in Congressional District 10 on the side of Barry Fleming.

We normally don’t endorse candidates in primary elections when there’s a contested general election waiting.

But this is just too important.

We feel Republican voters will be making an extraordinary mistake if they pass up the opportunity to send a man of Barry Fleming’s stature and character to Congress.

The Chronicle goes on to repeat a bunch of twenty year old negative personal stuff about Broun.

Question: Has this personal stuff about Broun had an impact? It’s a really long time ago.


  1. Howard Roark says:

    + 60%

    The endorsement of Barry will have no effect on the race. Paul will win with at least 60% of the vote. He may win Columbia county. He will win north Georgia big. People have been turned off by the campaign of Fleming.

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    That has to be one of the worst-written endorsements I’ve ever read. Reads like a 9th grader tried to put it together based on 20-30 year old bullet points.

  3. drjay says:

    i spoke w/ some friends from martinez recently and they are talking about broun’s past to some degree–of course they are in columbia county and probably inclined to support fleming to begin w/ so i suppose you have to take it w/ a grain of salt–but it is out there–of course last time i was up there i saw a boat load of broun signs going down flowing wells road too–so…

  4. rptrcub says:

    Rarely endorse? I hope you’re being sarcastic. It’s usually for whomever Billy Morris has given money to/wants to see in office.

  5. drjay says:

    they comment in the endorsement that they rarely endorse in primaries–they certainly do during the november elections…

  6. IndyInjun says:

    Billy Morris is getting his own repudiation in the bond market, where Morris Communications approaches junk status.

  7. Jane says:

    It is a non-issue if they endorse the local boy. It would only have an impact if they did not endorse their local candidate. 60-40 sounds right, but it will be 75 – 25 in the Northern part of the district. Fleming ran a terrible campaign he really needed a better consultant.

  8. Goldwater Conservative says:

    We’ll see. You are all just guessing what is going to happen. None of these estimates have been plugged into a forecast model, nor are they coming from seasoned political analyst.

    60-40 is probably closer to the correct number, but there are some important things to consider. Broun will not be having thousands of Democrats voting against Fleming in this partisan primary (he only got into office because of thousands of democrats voting against Whitehead in a non-partisan special election runoff). This election should be very close.

    North Georgia is not finished yet, Jane. Fleming needs to peak on July 15th, not yesterday or last week. Fleming has a lock on the Greater Augusta area and there are more voting republicans there (for a primary election) than in the rest of northeast ga. In addition to that, I can not see how the gopers in Athens will vote to re-elect paul broun. We are talking about smart people that know that Broun has done nothing for them. As for the rednecks in Jackson county and up…they only care about guns and religion (yes this is an overgeneralization, but that is how these decisions are made) and Broun had their vote when he became born-again somewhere between his third divorce and losing his priviledges to practice medicine in public practice.

    The primary voting republicans in athens and the greater augusta area (as well as laborers along the Savannah River) know that Paul Broun is bad news for them. It means losses of pensions, losses of research dollars. A vote for Paul Broun means that none of our tax dollars will make it back to the district, it means that we will not have a congressman on the hill being selfish for his constituents. Fleming is the only correct choice for the 10th district this election cycle…unless you are a multi-millionaire televangelist.

  9. Taft Republican says:

    Sorry, GC, but you obviously don’t live anywhere near the tenth district.

    Hometown boy Broun has a lock on the “primary voting republicans in athens” and he already proved how strong he could be with the ones in the “greater augusta area” last year, when he came mighty close to taking that area from hometown boy Whitehead. Everyone from Wilkes County northward will come out for Broun, and Fleming’s same-ol’-same-ol’ politics will finally be retired, and none too soon.

  10. Goldwater Conservative says:

    “Taft” Republican.

    Same old politics? Broun’s use of God and Religion to the suffering but working families of the 10th district is same old politics.

    Fleming proposes a return to normalcy.

  11. ACConservative says:

    Sorry, TR, but you obviously don’t live anywhere near Athens… or reality for that matter.

    The disdain for Broun amongst many in Athens-Clarke and Oconee is palpable, albeit not public. A number of folks in the ACC Chamber of Commerce and the ACC GOP are on the Fleming bandwagon… more importantly the former (seeing as the ACC GOP is a giant waste of everyone’s time).

    Moreover, Oconee County isn’t really Broun’s ideal demographic anymore. Exhibit A: The passage of liquor by the drink out in Oconee. Oconee County, as a result of its growth, is a community increasingly dominated by the concerns of the pro-business community. That’s not to say that religious zealots… I mean, social conservatives… have been driven out of Oconee (Huckabee finished second to McCain in the primary… but only 12 votes ahead of Romney).

    Throughout the rest of the district… Broun figures to show well. His background as a hunter and a farmer… in addition to his conveniently contrived “personal faith” play really well in Franklin, Stephens, Hart and the like.

    Fleming on the other hand is going to win with the country club and chamber of commerce types in Oconee, Clarke, and Columbia Counties. He’s also got a pretty solid base of support in Elbert and Greene Counties so don’t be surprised to see him squeek out wins there as well.

    The major question is whether or not Barry’s margin in Columbia County will be enough. Make no mistake… Barry will win Columbia County and do it comfortably. Going through Columbia County (save that 1 mile stretch of Flowing Wells) you find a lot of people who are happy with what Barry has done for Augusta and are more than willing to vote for him on July 15.

    I think Barry takes Clarke over the “hometown boy” who isn’t really that hometown if you think of it. He doesn’t practice medicine in Athens, has lived here a relatively little amount of time, and really wasn’t a presence or known figure in the county prior to his run in 2007.

    So Barry with Clarke, Columbia, Greene, potentially Elbert… and, my upset special, a 51-49 take in Oconee County… is it enough to counter balance Broun going 60-40 elsewhere? We’ll have to see.

    Don’t for one second trust Broun’s polling figures. I myself encountered an interesting flaw with his latest poll. The poll asked me to press 1 if I was voting for Paul Broun or 2 if I was voting for Barry Fleming or 3 if I was undecided.

    After pressing 2… I was told that I had entered an “invalid response”.

    After pressing it again, I was again told that my response was invalid.

    After pressing 3, I was told I had another invalid response.

    Only after pressing 1 for Paul Broun was I allowed to move on to the next question.

    I’m not the only one… I’ve talked to 9 other people who had the same thing happen and I’ve heard about it happening to more folks in Clarke, Habersham, Stephens, and Banks Counties.

  12. lovelace says:

    So if Broun’s poll numbers are wrong and he isn’t doing as well as he says why isn’t Fleming’s camp releasing their numbers to discredit him? You know with all that money he is running polls too. I have heard so many Fleming supporters say that Broun’s aren’t accurate but they won’t answer that simple question.

  13. manny says:

    GC, what do you mean Broun lost his privileges to practice medicine in public practice? Just who grants these privileges? You either have a license or you don’t. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that he’d be broadcasting that he does housecalls if he’s had his license revoked. Practicing without a license is a very serious charge. What are the facts?

  14. Howard Roark says:

    Lovelace, that is the question for the ages. The country club crowd may be behind fleming but grass roots common people are behind Congressman Broun. The twisted negative advertisements have turned people off across the district.

  15. jsm says:

    I saw the Fleming ad on TV twice last night, and it got under my skin. He attacked Broun for saying that disaster relief is unconstitutional and for being against helping children, along with making out like he’s trying to beat down veterans. Sounds like a democrat ad to me. I’d like for Fleming to explain exactly where disaster relief is found in the Constitution.

    How come he doesn’t address the issues his constituents are facing today, like energy costs, our lagging economy, fighting terrorism, etc.?

    Fleming is clearly relying on the emotion argument and sounds a lot like a democrat. He’s typical of today’s ineffective and unprincipled Republicans, and he’s not going to drive any change in Washington. I hope he is soundly defeated.

  16. lovelace says:

    ACC did you really say Broun has only lived in Athens for a short amount of time and that nobody knew him until 2007? You lost your credibility with that one.

  17. ACConservative says:

    Lovelace… grew up in and around Athens, certainly.

    Keep in mind the guy lived and practiced medicine in Americus throughout the 70s and 80s. He even ran for the 3rd district seat in 1990. When the lines were changed in 1992, he bought an apartment in PTC while still living in Americus to run in district 3 again.

    After going through numerous financial troubles… namely owing $60,000 + to the Bank of Americus, falsifying statements to obtain a loan, having a lein for $60,000 + put out on him by the IRS, and the law suits for not paying allimony… Broun relocated to Athens in the early/mid 1990s. (The financial problems had caused him to lose his private practice in Americus… not any “barring” by a medical association).

    He practiced at Athens Regional Hospital… where I believe he’s still on some sort of board. He is no longer allowed to practice there for reasons which are nothing more than mere rumor.

    It wasn’t until 2004/2005 (when everyone found out Norwood’s cancer was terminal) that Broun actually went about being involved in the Athens community.

    Lovelace, Broun’s name recognition is solely based off of a combination his father’s shadow and his incessant franking/robo calls.

    Manny, the rumor as to why Broun can no longer practice in hospitals is nothing more than rumor. However its been going around for a long, long while. My mother, a doctor here in Athens, has heard it since about 2000.

    Apparently Dr. Broun was dismissed from Athens Regional for calling his female patients “sugar” and “baby” and being a little more than friendly (sexual advances, groping, lewd comments, etc.) with a number of them.

    Of course that makes this video even funnier:

    The “house calls” were done really out of necessity, seeing as he was prohibited from practicing in hospitals by the Medical Board of Georgia and you’d be hard pressed to find some GPs (General Practicioners) in Athens who would have been willing to take him on board.

  18. manny says:

    Acc, As Charles Krauthammer said recently “so much error, so little time”. First your timeline is way off!. You say that Broun ran for office in 1992 then conveniently begin discussing his financial issues. The implication is that these happened after 1992. You’re off slightly. But only by about 10 years! He also moved to Athens in 1999 which I guess is what you call early 90’s. He’s on St. Mary’s Board not Athens Regional. And how can anyone with more than one neuron firing say he was kicked out of the hospital then appointed to serve on the board?? Lovelace is right. Your credibility is in a nadir. For the child of a doctor, you have made so many errors in medical terminology, you cannot be taken seriously. But thankfully you explained to us non Mensa types what a GP is! Wow! You benevolently say that Broun’s not being allowed to practice in hospitals is nothing more than a rumor. Then you proceed to repeat and embellish it. Paul Broun…lewd comments??? Obviously, you don’t know the man.Your sick allegations as to why he was dismissed from Athens Regional are not believable mostly because of the man’s character. Of course the fact that he never even worked there adds to the foolishness of your charges.! Sheeesh, you need to complement your spellcheck with factcheck! Here I’ll tell you about the man, Dr. Paul Broun. He still takes care of me as a patient even though he can’t charge me as he explained to me because of rules in the House of Representatives. I have called him at all hours of the night and he is always kind and caring. In fact, I think it’s rather endearing when he calls me sugar. But the rest of those charges belong in the Natl Inquirer. How about some dignity here?
    And yes I’m a female. Amanda to you.

  19. modcon says:

    Amanda, since you know Dr. Broun so well what year was he on the St. Mary’s Board? there website only lists current year members and I would presume he resigned from the board since being elected.
    Also why does Dr. Broun not appear in St. Mary’s directory since that is where he has admitting privileges?

  20. ACConservative says:

    At no point did I say that Broun’s financial troubles occurred in the 1990s or a part of a 1992 congressional election.

    I’m fully aware that the liens from the IRS, the bankruptcy filing, the alimony suits, etc. all occurred during the 80s and before Dr. Broun “came to Christ” (as if believing in Jesus makes you immune to foolish financial decisions).

    If you’d like to cover things that Broun actually did say in the 199os, I’d be glad to bring those up. In 1990, while running against Congressman Richard Ray (a Conservative Democrat), Paul Broun vehemently defended a pro-choice position.

    In 1992, when running in a primary against Mac Collins, Broun tried to convince everyone that he was magically pro-life again.

    I’m so sorry that I got the year of Dr. Broun’s arrival in Athens wrong. The fact he got here in 1999, only strengthens my position that he’s not as much of an Athens “local boy” as he touts himself to be.

    It also adds credence to the point made that Broun didn’t really start trying to be a part of the Athens community until he realized that he could campaign here. He was the one who started soliciting campaign contributions while Charlie Norwood was still receiving at-home hospice care in Augusta. He was the one who started hamming it up for the who’s who’s in Athens when he realized that Norwood probably wasn’t going to overcome his bout with cancer.

    The guy who scolds Barry for wanting to be a career politician is nothing more than a career politician himself. The only difference is that Paul has routinely been a loser. Fleming has at least shown a desire for public service (board of commissioners, state house). Broun just wants the fancy title that will get him out of daddy’s shadow.

    At least Barry was born and raised in Harlem and didn’t move around when political fortunes necessitated it (ex. Broun buying an apartment in Peachtree City in order to run for Congress in 1992).

    A pox upon me for also confusing the hospital… seeing as there is no real difference between the two (unless you need quality heart care… ARMC is the place to go!). The facts do remain, he is no longer on the board and hasn’t been an admitting physician at St. Mary’s or Athens Regional for quite a while.

    The board position is likely part of a severance package offered by St. Mary’s in order to avoid a potential wrongful termination suit. Trust me, Dr. Broun wouldn’t be the first to receive it.

    Again, that’s based off of rumor… but you’ve got to ask yourself, why does the guy serve on the board, yet he’s not allowed to practice within the walls of St. Mary’s or admit patients? Seems fishy to me.

    Yes, the accusations of sexual misconduct are rumor… which is why you probably haven’t heard Barry bring it up (although I’m sure the Democrats will). However, its widespread and accepted by a good number in the Athens medical community… and its been going around for years.

    I’m glad that Dr. Broun still makes time for his patients… its the sign of a doctor that does care.

    But I’ll take the word of Broun’s former colleagues over one of his obviously biased patients. I don’t think Broun’s an upstanding individual… he’s coated with sleaze and lacks a sufficient amount of dignity or character. Thats not what I want in my congressman, so I’m voting for Barry Fleming (not to say Barry isn’t sleazy and shifty).

  21. Taft Republican says:

    I personally don’t care much for Paul Broun. But his votes have been fairly consistently Constitutional. Which is more than I can say for Fleming, who really is “sleazy and shifty”.

    Fleming is sounding like a Democrat nowadays, because he is a Democrat. He just happens to carry an “R” so he can win in Georgia.

    And I agree with jsm: I’d like for Fleming to explain exactly where disaster relief is found in the Constitution.

  22. manny says:

    Fact: Dr. Broun was on the St. Mary’s Foundation Board from 1-1-04 to 12-31-06 and rotated off after the standard 3 year term.
    Fact: He presently serves on their Long Range Planning Committee
    Fact: Dr. Broun could re-instate his staff privileges tomorrow at St. Mary’s if he wanted to. For now, it makes no sense when he’s just seeing people like me for free. When I had to be admitted to St. Mary’s for surgery, the hospitalist there handled the admission and took care of me while I was there. Worked out just fine.

  23. jdsmith says:

    Team America PAC, a group founded by Congressman Tom Tancredo to fight for secure borders and to correct lax immigration policies, has endorsed Paul Broun saying that he can be trusted to be a “100% unwavering leader in the battle against amnesty.”

    Paul Broun has been endorsed by the League of Private Property Voters. Americans for Prosperity gave Broun a 100% voting record, and Broun has been endorsed the NRA and Georgia Right to Life.

    Reverend Lou Sheldon, the president of the Traditional Values Coalition, personally endorsed Paul Broun along with Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council.

  24. Icarus says:


    Thank you for posting the above comments.

    By the way, do you have any idea who might have endorsed Paul Broun? I think if you work to get that message out there, he might get sworn in if he’s re-elected.

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