An Open Inquiry From SpaceyG To Erick, et. al.

From SpaceyG’s original question on another thread to Erick:

Erick, let me take a moment to ask you why you allow front page posters on PP who do little more here but regurgitate what they’ve heard yesterday on Rush Limbaugh? I mean, Rogue is so icky and predictable he even spouts the exact, processed verbiage (”His Holiness”) he hears on his guru’s show.

Since I’m supposed to be on vacation, I’ll spare you my ethics-handwringing over allowing totally anonymous posters too, for the time being.

Lord knows this IS Georgia, hon, but don’t you think you could find one might-y right-y original thinker in the whole darn state? Just curious.



  1. J Konop says:

    Rogue109 and I have not always agreed on issues, but unlike Spacey he will always thoughtfully debate his point. If you disagree with Rogue 109 why not engage him intellectually rather than go behind his back?

  2. J Konop says:

    I am sorry I did not see the thread. Yet why does Spacey complain instead of debating Rogue?

  3. jsm says:

    “…but don’t you think you could find one might-y right-y original thinker in the whole darn state?”

    Such hyperbole is typical of the emotional left.

  4. drjay says:

    i can’t think of anything a hate worse than hyperbole, it has to be my least favorite thing in the whole world!!!

  5. ChuckEaton says:

    Accusing your philosophical opponent of not having any original thoughts is definately a matter of perspective.

  6. Doug Deal says:


    You are one to question anybody’s credentials for being a front page poster. Generally, most people I know say they hit next as soon as they see your name as an author, and at least one person I know uses you as the very reason he does not read Peach Pundit.

  7. Chris says:

    Because picking on the incompetence and/or lack-of-hipness of the Main Stream Media is so original.

  8. Romegaguy says:

    I still think Spacey is Matt Towery in drag…

    And at least Rogue’s stuff is usually about Georgia and politics

  9. But the most important question of all:

    How is the ISLE OF PALMS, Spacey?

    Say hello to Coconut Joes while I’m pinned here in the office responding to the falsehoods of our campaign opponents 😉

  10. Romegaguy says:

    I didnt know Rush was on Sundays…

    Who here knew or cared that Spacey was on vacation?

  11. joe says:

    Since I am one of those “totally anonymous posters ” that Spacey doesn’t like, I have no comment.

  12. Rick Day says:

    Now for something completely different; an actual intelligent thought.

    Why does not a straight shooter(like me) who tells it like it is (in my own unique style) not allowed posting access, and forced to the peanut gallery?

    Spacey can’t be the only clown you guys mock. You all need another Bozo to honk your noses when you are acting all grownup and stuff.

    Wait for it…..wait…..wait….

  13. Spacey is a minority voice, a lefty female in a right-wing boys club. Rogue’s decision to hold this popularity contest would be akin to asking 50s-era white southerners whether blacks deserve standing in their society.

    And she’s right about the anonymous blogger stuff.

  14. jsm says:

    Rick, your arguments on PP typically lack reason and principle. Being a “straight shooter” is great if you’re shooting at something.

  15. Jace Walden says:

    Anonymous front-pagers are awesome, because they typically say more controversial, thought-provoking stuff and generate more discussion.


    I don’t always agree with Rogue, but I could train a monkey to write more interesting/relevant material than you.

    [crawling back under my rock]

  16. boyreporter says:


    You don’t go to the hardware store for a quart of milk. So don’t go looking on this site…or any “conservative” site…and expect intelligent discourses on political philosophy. All these folks are concerned with is cutting taxes. Period. That’s it. Oh, they give lip service to lofty ideals such as individual freedom, less government in their lives, a strong military, and so-called “founding principles,” but they don’t really believe it. What they want is power to use government to impose their own pinch-faced, tight-butt social objectives, beginning with denying equal protection of the law for all citizens and including letting the government spy on us at will. And as for their love for the military? Look how they favor its waste today. These “conservatives” should be clamoring for W’s hide for what he’s done to our armed forces and our standing abroad. But once again, the cleaning up is going to be left to left (or what passes for “left” in this country).

    This weekend, the New York Times Magazine referred to Rush Limbaugh as the heir to Bill Buckley as conscience and guiding figure for the Right. A blowhard like that? That’s a clear signal as to how low the Right has fallen in the sphere of ideas. But after reading many of the posts from proud “rightists” hereabouts…well, I have to conclude that it makes sense after all.

  17. aardfark says:

    I stopped listening to El Rushbo long before he started losing his hearing. I’ve heard it a few times in the last year, and it seemed like just the same old boring garbage.

    Hannity lost his soul after leaving Atlanta.

    Everyone else is equally boring and unoriginal.

  18. SpaceyG says:

    And one other thing Mark, great unsecured signal here from neighbor across the street. Perfect for making sure PP circle of loving friends continues wherever I go.

  19. Jace Walden says:


    I had to delete my blog…for several reasons:

    (1) I don’t have a lot of time to blog these days

    (2) I don’t have any common sense, so my blog was a lie!

  20. Icarus says:

    There we have it, and it is official.

    Jace has been living a lie.

    (This from an anonymous blogger trying to say more controversial, thought-provoking stuff to generate more discussion.)

  21. J Konop says:

    I head the Miller Brewing company pulled the sponsorship of the blog because Jace was caught drinking a competitors beer. And the truth is Jace was doing all of this for the children.

  22. Icarus says:


    I am still on the lowliest of rungs in the Tanalach Media Empire. Deciding on who gets banned is way above my pay grade. I’d suggest you start with SpaceyG and work your way up from there.

  23. Bill Simon says:


    Spacey posts what could best be classified as “esoteric” subjects.

    However, she does not engage in the kind of manical postings that Peach does.

    Spacey does nothing to deliberately cause people to go “WTF Is this nutjob on here for?”

  24. Jace Walden says:


    It seems as my undercovers work to defeat the TMC for the children is paying off. Thanks to my tireless efforts, you are now a front-page blogger!

    I will continue to work undercovers and continue sacrificing my liver for the good of the children and the downfall of the TMC!

  25. Icarus says:

    O.K, correct on all accounts, and totally not my point.

    I didn’t say start with SpaceyG to get rid of her, I said if you want someone gone, make your case to her.

    (I fear her. I try to stay on her good side.)

  26. Jace Walden says:


    50%: Spacey is not a good writer
    25%: 99.9% of her material is not GA related
    10%: When confronted, her first option is to hurl insults instead of rationally discuss
    10%: She’s a woman
    5%: No one gives two shits about Matt Towery

  27. Rogue109 says:

    5%: No one gives two shits about Matt Towery

    Oh, Lord. Now you’ve gone and done it!

    Prepare to be told by SpaceyG that (1) you have no original thoughts, (2) have a small penis, (3) are stupid, (4) can’t think for yourself, (5) don’t understand the “New Media,” (6) won’t be invited to her Atlanta Press Club events and (7) are simply jealous because you aren’t an I-Reporter on CNN or have umpteen other blogs that no one reads and no one cares about.

  28. Doug Deal says:


    If Matt Towery compiled those poll numbers, they are probably way off.

    It will be interesting to see if “Spacey is not a good writer” wins without a runoff.

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