1. atlantaman says:

    You can’t even “God Bless” someone without the politically correct police making a statement.

    In the future you if you say, “God Bless You” to someone the response you’re likely to get is, “Look bastard, there are 6 1/2 billion other people in the world and how dare you exclude them from God’s blessing.”

  2. boyreporter says:

    No, atlantaman, it’s not that over the top. It’s just a matter (polically speaking) of God Bless America being code for “we’re special and make our own rules of conduct, and to hell with the rest of the world. Hoorah!” Such jingoistic b.s. puts us in straits such as we find ourselves today with strutting biddnessmen/chickenhawks at the helm and cemeteries filling up. God bless America? Sure, we need help from anywhere we can get it. Maybe we should stop doing the things we do that put us in such “need.”

  3. Boyreporter:

    I’m glad you weren’t here to fight the revolutionary war with nation’s founders. It sounds like you might have sided with the British.

    Thank God they chose to make their own rules of conduct, putting what’s right for this country and put the international community second.

    Boyreporter’s suck-up statement: “we’re special and make our own rules of conduct, and to hell with the rest of the world. Hoorah!”

  4. Boyreporter: Apparently pretty well.

    Reagan ignored your philosophical predecessors, the intellectually flaccid apologists of the Left. (See: Nicaragua, Granada, the strategic defense initiative, Pershing missiles, “tear down this wall”, etc).

    The Soviets collapsed.

    Now Bush has gone on the offensive against the islamo-fascists — ignoring wrong-headed liberal public opinion, which prefers to try them in court (using public defenders, no doubt).

    He’s succeeded by any reasonable measure in the effort to stop any further terrorist attacks on American soil.

    Sometimes it just makes sense to ignore the Looney left, don’t you think — Boyreporter?

  5. boyreporter says:

    “Apparently pretty well” — Apparently pretty well??? It must be comforting to be so absolutely clueless. What color is the sky in your world, Mark Wrongtree?

  6. atlantaman says:

    This is the greatest county in the world and we are still doing quite well. I don’t say it from a jingoistic perspective, but from a pure supply and demand perspective.

    The amount of people moving to the country, both illegally and legally, continues to be in the millions. This is in stark contrast to the folks who feel the need to leave the awful US of A, Alec Baldwin excluded of course.

    We must have something desirable going on.

  7. Mark Wrongtree? Man! I thought I got past that nickname in the 6th grade…


    Boyreporter, the sky is blue. Take off those dark glasses.

    Despite your nutty rantings above, much of the world has, over the past four years, simply thrown out many anti-American governments that you apparently used to agree with…

    Here’s a good starter list for you — countries which have certainly grown more pro-American SINCE the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, based on their own elections–

    Germany (tossed out your anti-American friend, Schroeder), the French (goodbye Mitterand), the Canadians, the Dutch, much of Africa …all have clearly moved more pro-American. And Italy has just rejoined us in their recent election.

  8. Want more?

    The Poles, Lithuanians and the Czecks are climbing all over themselves to support us, including with basing our strategic missile defense. And the Georgians held mass-rallies for Bush a year ago.

    Is that enough? Or do you want more?

    Libya gave up it’s weapons of mass destruction program. Stated reason? Fear of American military.

    The Columbians, our allies, are enjoying more success in their war on anti-american, communist terrorists than at any time in 20 years, openly attributing their gains to military support from the Americans.

    Chavez in Venezuela even called for them to disarm and quit. Speaking of Chavez, he’s losing control of his grip. I’d say he’s pretty term-limited, shall we say.

    Do you dispute any of this, my anonymous friend?

  9. boyreporter says:

    Yes, we live in a world of Pax Americana. Never had so much influence and friends ocean to ocean, continent to continent, ever before. Our leaders are welcomed with open arms, our dollar is strong, and everyone wants to be like us. The evidence is clear. We are the world.

  10. Game Fan says:

    American popularity around the world ain’t necessarily tied to the actions of our current administration. But if you’re a “top down” thinker this may be difficult to accept.

  11. boyreporter says:

    Individual liberty is cool. Libertarians didn’t make it up and don’t own it. By the way, has anyone noticed how heavy Vickie Locke is?

  12. Game Fan says:

    “Individual liberty is cool. Libertarians didn’t make it up and don’t own it.”

    Correct. But right now the biggest group defending it. And they never tried to own it. Too bad more people don’t understand it.

  13. jsm says:

    “Individual liberty is cool.”

    Hey boy, do you believe that regarding taxes, income, healthcare, education, cigarette smoke, mortgages people can’t afford, etc.? It’s good to understand a statement before you make it.

  14. Tea Party says:

    Well didn’t this innocuous thread get nicely partisan quickly?

    I’d like to point out this tiny thread symbolizes EXACTLY what we see in American politics. Too much BS and not enough actionable solutions.

    Personally, I prefer Mr. Rountree’s thinking, “Nations do not have friends, they have interests.”

    Having said that, MY GOP has squandered the last dozen years outspending the likes of ANY Dem reign. When we will stop spending Social Security Trust funds? (Both Parties) When will we stop printing money like it was free?

    Unpopular War. Screw that, show me a popular war. “War is not the Answer,” no it is the failure of a diplomatic solution. Our enemies understand the business end of the ‘large stick.’

    Don’t be so naive, boyreporter. Grow up and understand there are people that would enjoy seeing the U.S.A. GONE.

    Unless we as individual citizens FIGHT our broken political promises, we will see ourselves pensioners scrounging about for a decent return on foreign markets.

    WAKE UP and QUIT the silly-ass partisan bickering. We have the best, brightest, most innovative people on the planet and Dairy Queen. We cannot lose if we stand tall TOGETHER.

    Resume partisan bickering….

  15. Game Fan says:

    As long as the Democrat party remains the home of socialism my world will continue to make sense. Too bad the NEOCONS have proven that all the money from MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS doesn’t exactly provide the best defense against socialism or big government. And the U.S. constitution doesn’t even show up in their Arbitron ratings.

  16. Game Fan says:

    And there’s plenty of Conservatives (who never get prime time) that completely oppose any U.S. involvement in East Europe. In fact Pat Buchanan and many more on the right have advocated a NATO stand-down after the collapse of the Soviet Union rather than over-extension into Russia’s back yard. And they ain’t exactly laying flowers at our feet over there.

    “The missile defense agreement between the United States and the Czech Republic will not help Russia-U.S. relations, Chairman of the Federation Council International Affairs Committee Mikhail Margelov told Itar-Tass.”

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