This does not surprise me at all.

I expect we’ll see more of this.

Fleming’s Franklin County chairman resigned from the campaign today, citing Fleming’s negative campaigning against Rep. Paul Broun.

This is related to this bit of dirt dropping.

I actually would suggest this is old news, given the mud slinging, of which Peach Pundit unfortunately was a part, back in the special election.

While there is no statute of limitations on character assassination, at some point it looks increasingly like Fleming knows he has to throw the kitchen sink at Broun to knock him out of the game. And that’s a sure fire indicator that Fleming knows he is losing.


  1. bowersville says:

    Blake Aued, the author of this article, has stated on his blog at Athens On Line, that he believes the election will be decided north of Athens. As a Whitehead supporter the last time, I was familiar with the facts surrounding Broun the last time.

    Sometimes you can overload people with too many negatives that turn people off to the point of building animosity.

    A prime example of the building animosity in this part of the world above Athens is the resignation of Fleming’s campaign point man for Franklin and Banks County yesterday.

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Whats the big deal? This does not help the democrats in the 10th district. For one, Saxon has had multiple divorces and my sources tell me that he went through some financial trouble years ago when he decided to just stop paying his student loans and went into default.

    That being said, Saxon’s campaign does not have the money or the experience in its staff to get any message out to the masses. Press releases and volunteers do not win elections. Television buys and direct mail win elections…and those cost money.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    And after he tried to get Florida to just re-write their alumni license plate laws for EVERY UGA alum in that district.

    Such ingratitude shown to Fleming to not have gained higher positive name ID by those ungrateful Dawg alumni.

  4. jdsmith says:

    Paul Broun has been endorsed by the 60-Plus Association, Georgians for the Second Amendment, the North Georgia Sportsmen Association, the Northeast Georgia Firearms Owners Assocation, the Georgia Sportsmen Assocation, and the National Rifle Assocation. Broun has also been endorsed by Team America PAC, which fights for secure borders and to correct lax immigration policies. Concerned Women for America PAC, the nation’s largest organization of conservative women also back Congressman Broun. Reverend Lou Sheldon, the president of the Traditional Values Coalition, has personally endorsed Congressman Broun along with Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council.

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