There are times when I wish we allowed explitives on this site because this sure deserves an f-bomb it is so fantastic.

We finally have a rival to Miss Angela and her song! This is craptacularly delicious.

Interesting that the original website is the very egocentric or porn related, but the new tag line is “You Come First.”

This is just so f’ing brilliant I’m nearly speechless.

Update: Preserved for all time. Play them simultaneously for a real treat:

Miss Angela:

Otis Marks:


  1. Hey Otis Marks II wants to eliminate some taxes. Bravo!

    The song is hilarious though – way better than “Vote for Miss Angela.” He’s set the campaign song bar a notch higher…or is it lower…I forget.

  2. Game Fan says:

    Here’s a little jingle that’s still available. It could come in handy if there’s still any PWMs (politicians without music)

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