Plans Underway to Ruin Oglethorpe Square In Savannah

Architect Eric Meyerhoff has designed a World War II memorial. He wants it to be placed in Savannah. In particular, he wants it (a huge globe split open) placed in the middle of Oglethorpe Square.

This plan is an excellent one if the goal is to ruin the square.

I have absolutely no problem with a new memorial. But in the middle of Oglethorpe Square which is rare in that it does not contain any significant memorial other than a pedestal in one of the corners related to the Moravian Colonists in Savannah from 1735-1740?

And, yes, I also think that Franklin Square didn’t need the new memorial that was placed there recently.

How about putting this memorial between Orleans Square and the Civic Center? There, it would be seen by many people AND it would annoy the hippie SCAD students who live adjacent to that area in one of their dorms.

Memo to the Savannah City Council: Memorial is A-OK. In a square is not. Not changing things is okay from time to time, guys.  Leave Oglethorpe Square alone.


  1. kendrial says:

    Or better yet they could place all of the new memorials around the enormous porch of the civic center. Who uses that porch anyway?

  2. dewberry says:

    Here I am.

    Rogue, where are you from? I was born and raised in Savannah.

    This is an interesting thread and I hope that folks in the arts community as well as others will chime in on this.

    I admit that I don’t know enough about the design and scale of the memorial but I am glad that this tribute which has been missing since the war is this far along.

    Without even considering what the memorial will look like in its final form, our county commission and even the city have done little to further this.

    What bothers me is that social programs that have failed to do anything which resulted in positive outcomes in the community get funding year after year totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars but only $20,000.00 was provided by the County in support.

    I have been witness to monuments around the country and various places around the world which have not withstood the years very well and are quite dated while only being 30 or 40 years old.

    I really would like to hear from a broad group of critics on this.

    Indeed the design of the civic center has not withstood the years very well either and surely looks dated. The porch is an interesting observation. It is huge and serves no use.

    I really hate that squares were lost to build the parking lot and civic center but I hate like hell the idea of tearing it down. It just seems like such a waste.

    It is just too bad they chose to put the International Trade Center across the river instead of replacing the civic center. I’m sure they put the center where it is so that they could justify the tax payer ferry boats. What would we do without the ferry boats?

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