10th District GOP debate.

Ben Smith in the AJC has this story.

Broun’s past financial and personal problems overshadowed a televised debate between the two men Wednesday night. Throughout the debate, Fleming tried to link Broun’s court-documented troubles of the 1970s and 1980s to the incumbent’s more recent statements and voting record. Among them: a bankruptcy filing by Broun, tax liens filed against the representative of the 10th congressional district and an alimony dispute with his former wife. “Bad judgment in the past when it leads into the future [is relevant],” said Fleming.

Broun called Fleming’s attacks, both on the campaign trail and at the debate, “despicable.”

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself,” Broun said. “Sadly, you are not.”

And this:

Broun accused Fleming of distorting his record. The incumbent has said he believes Social Security is unconstitutional, but that the system is too ingrained to be dismantled, and that it must be fixed.

Broun denied saying that veterans benefits and other forms of federal assistance, including Medicare, are unconstitutional.

Broun said he opposed the marijuana legislation because it impedes states rights to regulate their physicians. Broun said Fleming “mischaracterized” his vote on an Internet regulatory bill, which he opposed because it would hold Internet service providers liable for activities of computers users.

“When you stand before the Lord, will he believe you have lived a perfect life?” Broun asked Fleming.

“No one has lived a perfect life,” Fleming replied.

Also check out Jason Pye’s liveblog of the debate.


  1. Howard Roark says:

    From Jason blog “I was not at all impressed with Fleming. He looked tired and had no personality. I don’t like the guy anyway, but really…I expected more than what I just saw.”

    Barry spoke at our Rotary club. He was unimpressive and has no personality. He left with fewer votes than he had after attending the meeting.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    But…but…Barry Fleming was THE man who was out there fighting for the rights of UGA alums who lived in Florida and couldn’t get their college license plate approved as easy as the Florida one could be approved here.

    Doesn’t offering stupid-ass legislation garner a poor UGA alum SOME sympathy support and votes?

  3. Howard Roark says:

    Here is an ad for a campaign.

    Barry Fleming has no endorsements to his campaign.

    I copied this from his website 5 minutes ago.

    News & Events

    Endorsements [1/31/2008]
    This page us under construction. We hope to have it up soon.

  4. J Konop says:


    What is your problem with Earl Ehrhart? Agree or disagree with him on issues, one has to give him credit for opening himself up to debate and dialogue on the PP. I wish more public officials would be willing to debate issues like Earl has via a public forum like this.

  5. Taft Republican says:

    Maybe Fleming should put on that empty webpage, “I endorsed Rudy Giuliani.” Similar campaigns, no?

  6. Game Fan says:

    As a small “l” Libertarian I definitely prefer the angle espoused by a Mr. Cashin regarding re-introducing Hemp as a viable cash crop here in GA for industrial fiber. Not that Marijuana doesn’t have medicinal value. But I ain’t sure if you can separate the two once the cat is out of the bag. Oh well. Some say rampant drug use is simply a form of rebellion against an overbearing government.

  7. Bill Simon says:


    I have nearly no problem with Erhart…except for his affliction with carrying legislation the first week or so of a GOP-dominated state house regarding changing the name of Sanford Stadium to “Vince Dooley Stadium.”

    BUT, the legislation I had the most problem with Ehrhart on was his attempt either last Session or the one right before when he was trying like hell to bring back the payday-loan sharking business.

    Why was Earl pushing so hard for it? Well, his disclosures didn’t show a whole lot of money from that industry…but, one has to realize that since Earl sits on the board of the Georgian Bank, one realizes it could be ALL of those loan-sharking businesses who would set-up cash accounts with Earl’s bread-and-butter to see Earl’s angle on pushing forward the re-legalization of the payday loan industry.

    In short, John, though you may be enamored with legislators who come on here and blog their life, I have other knowledge about what they actually DO rather than what they say they are.

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