Georgia began its fiscal year today, (or as one of the State’s great lovers and current Senate candidate says, “physical year”), so Happy New Year to all.

My New Year’s traditions usually involve massive amounts of college football (not available) and a meal that wouldn’t be allowed within 3 blue states of a Democrat convention (Note to self, let’s make it to Carver’s Store this week).

My New Year’s traditions do not include making New Year’s resolutions.  Ever.  We all want to lose some weight, get in shape, do good things, give Bill Simon the benefit of the doubt, etc.   But as always, we know that we have no intention of doing these things, and they’re really just something to talk about between the BCS Championship game and the Super Bowl, when most resolutions are forgotten.

So, instead of making my resolutions in January, I tend to use my birthday (way away from New Year’s) as a time to make the resolutions I actually intend to keep.  I do this because it’s a lot easier to change behavior when other people aren’t watching.   Have you ever noticed how ads for Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut are everywhere during January?  These sadistic folks know you’re trying to diet, and that really cuts into their sales of trans fat.  They want you to fail.  They need you to fail.

It’s a lot easier to sneak into a gym and set a routine when it’s less crowded in the summer.   It’s easier to seek the help you need without the attention of a lot of kibitzers who are only around because their wife gave them a gym membership as a Christmas gift, and they have to pretend to put a few weeks in before they quit.  These kinds of changes don’t come easy, but I’m not getting any younger.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up when you know change is needed. 

My point?  Glad you asked.   The State Leadership could stand to make a few resolutions right now, and really, really work on them when no one is paying attention.   Sonny, Casey, Glenn, I’m talking to you.  The State can not afford another session of the General Assembly to be a failure like the last two.  YOU can’t afford it, either.

I’ll be blunt.  You’re going to need each other this year like you’ve never needed political allies before.  Casey, you need some achievements and the state to be on the poll tested “right track” if you want to be Governor in two years.  Mr. Speaker, you could really use the Lt. Governor’s help to get some of your reform ideas passed and signed into law.  Governor, if we’re still talking about traffic studies and possible tax reform solutions two years from now, you will not have the legacy you want.

Gentlemen, the three of you represent the first elected Republican leadership team in the history of this great state.  Yet we are bogged down in petty bickering among our leadership while the state has real issues that need attention.  The degree of difficulty will be turned up a notch this session as the economic head winds that we are facing are strong and real.   We need each of you to work as a team to set a direction and make things happen.

This won’t be easy.  It’s a change to the routine, but it is so much needed.  I wouldn’t advise waiting around to try it in January.  I’d start working on it now, when no one is looking.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    I think it’s time I started-up a CafePress site to start designing and selling T-shirts since I appear to INSPIRE so many people on this blog…

    Icarus: What would be a good theme for a T-shirt?

  2. Bill Simon says:

    I’m sure there are some discriminating buyers at UGA who would buy that shirt. Michael Adams and his family, for instance.

    Only 100 will be made, so limited supply! Hurry, Act NOW! (Price per shirt: $100.00)

  3. newdayinga says:


    Do you really think any of that is possible. Richardson and Keen are going to be out for blood after the Paulding County and Glynn County Airport Vetoes?

    And with Cagle endorsing Gooch over Amerson, Richardson will not be too friendly. I don’t think anything is likely to change.

    Bottom line is Richardson needs to go. I am just wondering who thought he was the right man for the job. There were no better Republicans to run for Speaker of the House.

    I think we need a change. I am voting against the incumbents this year. I can’t beleive there were so little challengers this year. I am going to have to vote Democrat just so I can get rid of our lame duck representative. The guy I am supporting is Chris Strickland at http://www.strickland08.com. You should check him out.

  4. Icarus says:

    Is it possible, sure? Likely? hmmmm.

    You’ve listed a few good reasons for the three to continue their public feud. I’ve tried to list a few reasons why they shouldn’t.

    I would argue that, right now, the Speaker is in the weakest position of the three, as he (in theory) has to be re-elected at the beginning of the next G.A. However, if he were to demonstrate some maturity, end his quest to usurp local control, yet maintain his quest for tax reforms, he could very well have the strongest hand in two years. He’s still going to need his bills to get thru the Senate for him to claim victory.

    Cagle, assuming that he is running for Governor, will need to assert his postions more, and actually get some initiatives passed to make the move up. He’ll need the House to make that happen.

    The Governor is in the most interesting position of the three. I have no idea what his plans are post 2010, but I still have to believe he would like a record of accomplishment. He’s indicated that he’s ready to move on transportation. We’ve made some steps forward on trauma care. And I think ultimately, he would be willing to support the initiatives of the other two if the public discourse was more positive.

    Will it happen? I still don’t know. Should it happen? absolutely.

    What if it doesn’t? I think there’s a post about a Governor Poythress floating somewhere around these pages…

  5. newdayinga says:

    Well, I hope you are right. But it sounds to me like a hungover teenager promising God to be a missionary to Africa if he will just stop the room from spinning. How many times do we have to let them lie to us before we stop beleiving them? I’m stopping this time. No more entrenched incumbent for me!

  6. Icarus says:

    New Day,

    This isn’t about anyone caught in a lie. This is about leaders putting the public they serve above individual ego and turf battles. I’m thinking it’s time they realized that doing that would serve their own self-interestes, as well.

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