Emergency Telegram

I just got an Emergency Telegram from John McCain.

Now Senator, I know you were born before the invention of the talky-box, but we haven’t used telegrams in this country for quite awhile now. Since I know the campaign is a bit concerned about how the public views your age, you might not want to use terms in your fundraising appeals that date back to the 19th Century.

Let me offer some help to put your fund raising letters into a more modern format.



  1. Rick Day says:


    is this not the classic shift of the ‘old to the young’ like the elections of 1960? Not only are all the WW2 and Korea guys all in their last wheezes (Dole, Bush 1, et al), but the ‘nammers (Bush 2, Gore, Kerry, McCain, et al) are on the verge of losing their generations stewardship of manning the nations helm.

    The damage is done, the box is open. The internet has spoken Truths ™ that were previously buried. Youth has emerged empowered with knowledge, tech savvy and international community connections. Young voters with resources. Oh my.

    Oh Oh Oh O-Bama is the closest ‘image’ to ‘change’ they have to pick from. McCain looks OLD and sounds older. Ergo his ideas are OLD.

    Dude does not know a mouse from a monitor. And you want to support him for POTUS? Are you blind??

    You republicans could have made this a battle between substance and image if Dr. Paul had been the nominee (insert massive eyerolls here). Instead, you support a showdown between the status quo and an image of ‘change’.

    McCain is going to lose the independent voter who will vent their ‘liberal angst’ and vote for the dark horse. That is a done deal.

    You all best be working on keeping your congressional hacks, or what little of them you have left.

  2. Game Fan says:

    Telegram? A good portion of people under 30 don’t even know about 8 tracks, or vinyl or even cassettes, or rotary phones either. I really think we’ve got a bunch of dullards in charge these days.

  3. Game Fan says:

    Actors, puppets, co-opted fools, yes-man lifted by their bootstraps into high offices, pontificating low lifes, liars and hypocrites, flip-floppers, spineless cowards, poll watchers, vote getters, ass kissers, money worshipers, law breakers, deal makers, money and freedom takers, ect… Seriously what are these people’s IQ?

  4. Game Fan says:

    Here’s something I’ve been working on. It’s called a “Clint-O-Gram” You send it to people and if they’ve done wrong they probably can’t look DA MAN in the eye for very long.

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