DOT settles sexual harassment charges.

The charges were made against Garland Pinholster and Billy Langdale.

I don’t know much about Billy Langdale, but Pinholster is a former GOP Rep. So you guys who say I never criticize Republicans please take note, I’m criticizing a Republican. Pinholster is a jerk for behaving this way and I think he should pay the settlement, not the taxpayers.

Carrie hart, the second employee to file a complaint, told the investigator, “Pinholster started to make remarks about her butt” early this year.

Harris also said long-time board member Billy Langdale made suggestive remarks to her as far back as 2002.

On one occasion telling her, “you have to come to my hotel room. I will have a key for you.”

The report said Pinholster took Harris to lunch in March.

She told the investigator he said, “This food is making me horny. Are you horny? If you are, I can help you out.”

The report said Pinholster admitted the remark, “He said he ordered crawfish etouffee and was making a country joke about its having an aphrodisiac effect. He said Harris laughed.”

The following day, Harris and Hart went to lunch with Pinholster.

Both women told the investigator Pinholster made a similar comment about the food and then “Pinholster said he wanted to see Carrie do a table dance like she does for her husband.”

Monday, Harris accepted a settlement from DOT of $100,000.

Hart agreed to a settlement of just under $45,000.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    $100,000 for a remark that may have made offended someone?

    WHERE can I go to get sexually harrassed by some female employee of a city, state or federal office and claim my money prize for someone acting human? Granted, it may be an ill-mannered human, but there was NO assault, no threat of life loss, no injury, no nothing but an “offensive remark” and the lady gets $100,000 for being insulted.

    Friggin’ frigtards.

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    ….someone acting human! How about someone acting like a damn fool! This man is a boss. He is behaving in a completly inappropriate manner making sexual remarks with a subordinate. How stupid is the man? And yes, he ought to pay for it. I bet his wife and grandchildren are happy.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Wow $100,000, PD?

    That’s the amount of fine you think is appropriate?

    No wonder schmucks like you on the other side of the aisle think that Saddam and Osama, et al. should never pay for the lives they took with their OWN lives because you’re too busy worrying about how people will “feel” as a result of what people “say.”

  4. Icarus says:

    …but when the subordinate staff member’s name is Monica, we’re told that it’s just sex, and get over it. Right?

  5. griftdrift says:

    Actually I misunderstood you Bill. It certainly was our business that it was a subordinate being put in that position (no pun intended).

    But you always seem to leave out there were many Democrats and independents plenty upset with the behavior. Heck. I remember Cynthia Tucker even calling for his resignation.

    But that still doesn’t make it criminal (just like the DOT thing isn’t criminal but civil).

    And it sure isn’t treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors.

  6. Icarus says:

    I seem to remember every female cabinet member parading out to the front lawn of the White House saying they fully supported the president, as did the head of NOW on every cable news show.

    Like it or not, Bill Clinton set back women’s equality in the workplace at least one generation.

  7. griftdrift says:

    “Terry, I have to disagree with Lee on this point. I think that dismissal is absolutely appropriate. In fact, I don’t think the matter should have ever gotten this far. I think the nation would have been much better served if the Senate and the House had been able to come to an agreement on censure much earlier, as it stands, there are not 67 votes for an impeachment. There are not going to be 67 votes for impeachment. Everyone knows that. And now censure isn’t even being discussed anymore. [b]So we run the danger that Bill Clinton, who ought to be condemned in some way for his reprehensible behavior, won’t face any sanction at all.[/b] And so dismissal would at least get the Senate and the House back to conducting the public’s business. ” ~Cynthia Tucker in 1999

  8. fishtail says:

    Both Pinholster and Langdale are in their upper-seventies…these suggestive comments by horny old geezers, if they occurred at all, were pretty lame and do not rise to the level of serious sexual harassment charges….sounds like the taxpayers of Georgia have just been had by a couple of savvy female DOT bureaucrats.

  9. voice of reason says:

    I’m so tired of people running to the courts every time someone behaves badly…

    There has to be a better way…

  10. atlantaman says:

    I’m sure ol’ Pinholster and Langdale were so intimidating to he female employees. The irony is the Pinholster incident is probably something the female employees had a hilarious laugh about with the rest of the staff – now they get $100,000 checks as well.

  11. Left of Center says:

    It’s not $100k “for a remark.” It’s a penalty prescribed by the judiciary to compensate for an obvious “pattern” of inappropriate behavior by a person in a superior (sic) public position. I agree, taxpayers should not have to pay this penalty – the perpetrator should have to pay it out of his lucrative retirement benefits package (which he should then lose, by the way.) You should attack the legislature that made that possible and then you should attack the ‘system’ that allowed this pattern of reprehensible behavior to continue on for years without consequence. Lastly, I think that Bill Simon character should publically apologize just for making stupid and incendiary remarks like “No wonder schmucks like you on the other side of the aisle think that Saddam and Osama, et al. should never pay for the lives they took with their OWN lives.” Where did THAT come from?!? Whoever suggested that?!? That guy should come out of the closet he’s molding in!

  12. Tea Party says:

    Fishtail wins. These female employees ‘took’ the State of GA for a $145K.

    Gladly, this did not occur in DeKalb or it would be yet another reason to vote for a city….

  13. Icarus says:

    ” Lastly, I think that Bill Simon character should publically apologize just for making stupid and incendiary remarks…”

    Clearly, you haven’t been around these parts much, have you LOC?

  14. Progressive Dem says:

    BS demonstrated his character with the remark about Sadam and Ossama. His sad character lays out in the internet rotting and smelling for all to experience.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    My “character” is quite intact, PD. But, peole like you who, again, worry more about what people “say” and how other people might have their feelings “hurt” are the SAME people who wring their hands and moan about the poor criminals having to go to jail, or murderers being put to death.

    If YOU controlled the world of free speech, I suspect you’d levy a fine on me.

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