1. liberator says:

    Let us not forget the Pink Pony South has a federal civil lawsuit pending against Hill for his harrassing roadblocks. Also a federal judge has issued an injunction against Hill forbidding any future roadblocks or His Puritan Posterior will be in jail himself.

  2. bluemcduff says:

    Bill, I cannot stand the voters in this county either.

    I get outvoted 5-1 in my precinct and I am appalled by the brook trout look on most of these people’s faces.

    What possesses these people to vote for candidates who run on empty, racist slogans that promise the moon and yield the same corrupt status quo is beyond me.

    Case in point is the husband and wife team of Lee and Jewel Scott–one is a very inexperienced, incompetent DA and the other is a Commission Chairman wannabe. Love Jewel’s latest campaign slogan “We’ve Come Too Far”

    And she’s absolutely right–it’s about time for an about face and yet she’ll still win with 60% of the primary vote since no Republican would ever get anywhere near 25% here.

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