Airport gun showdown moves to Washington

From the AJC:
Franklin vowed Tuesday to lobby Congress and federal officials to mandate that any public facility receiving federal money be declared a “gun-free zone.” That would affect airports nationwide.

Lets put guns on the national agenda this election year.


  1. atlantaman says:

    Can’t wait to hear Obama keep talking out of both sides of his mouth on this issue, “I support the 2nd Amendment, but don’t believe people should be allowed to carry handguns.”

  2. Changing the definition of words is now one of the ways the people who want to take our rights away now use.

    Public building/facility use to mean government buildings or government office facilities. Now, to them it means any facility that the public has access to, even if it is privately owned.

    This is how they banned smoking in bars.

    However, last week while traveling, I met a person from Vermont that said that smoking had been banned in city bars there as well. But, they figured a way around the un-Constitutional law. They turned their bars into private clubs and “change” their definition of a “cover” charge. It’s now a daily “membership” fee.

    I thought this was GREAT. It goes to show, that you don’t always need to be in a position to make the rules of the game, you just have to learn to be a better player, until you are.

  3. Tinkerhell says:

    The bigger point is that Shirely and Ben think they have the authority to declare anywhere they want a “gun free zone” despite what state law says. Luckily us commoners have GeorgiaCarry.Org and they have the law on their side. The mayor is just wasting tax payer money on defending a law suit that she knows she can’t win.

  4. Tinkerhell says:

    Good write up Andi quite fair particularly for the left leaning loaf. Thanks for that. (I heard your not a member of GCO… you should fix that. And yeah I know but what they don’t know won’t hurt em 😉

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