SCOGAs chickens…have come home…to roost.

Now that they have done it with Genarlow Wilson, everyone wants to jump on board the train to have more laws changed because they are “mean.” Too bad they don’t think it is a problem to willy nilly tinker with the OCGA. How high minded they are!

The Georgia Supreme Court was asked Monday to consider its ruling that freed Genarlow Wilson last year when deciding a challenge to a life sentence imposed on a sex offender. The request was unusual in that it was made by both the prosecutor who wants the life sentence upheld as well as the public defender who contends the sentence is cruel and unusual punishment. At issue is a mandatory life sentence imposed in December on Cedric Bradshaw in Bulloch County for failing to register as a sex offender for the second time.


  1. Burdell says:

    How dare the Court do their job!

    The Georgia Constitution doesn’t mean anything, anyway. So long as the legislature enacts a law, it’s the gospel and that should be that.

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