Atlanta Press Club Primary Debate Schedule

From a press release today:

“The Atlanta Press Club will host 10 live debates for statewide offices and five local debates this primary season, giving statewide candidates a chance to discuss the issues.* The debates will take place July 1, 2, 10 and 13 at Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), located at 260 14th Street in Midtown, in front of a live studio audience. Press club members, journalists, college students, and supporters are invited to be part of the audience.

For more information please click here or call The Atlanta Press Club at 404-577-7377.”

Set those DVRs! Bloggers and v-bloggers at the ready! Chickens welcome!

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  1. GOP Girl says:

    From the 12th district GOP – Crystal and McKinney will be there. Stone says he’s not attending.

    Tonight, they debated in Augusta for Comcast. All 3 GOP 12th District candidates showed. For the Dems, Regina showed up, but Barrow did not, so Comcast cancelled the Dem portion of the debate. I would bet it’s safe to say that we will be hearing about Barrow’s no show in the press. And rightly so.

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