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Since it’s a bi-partisan love fest on Georgia Gang today, the best parts are the seriously dopey Vernon Jones ads running between segments. They’re so, uh, bad. Ugly stock footage of 40-something ladies with laptops and Iowa (WTF?) cornfields. The clueless-political-ad production business is the only thing flourishing in this state about right now.

Just a few notes:

1.) Rand Knight’s a lot of things. “Interesting” ain’t one of ’em. (Spoke to him myself Friday.) Sugg’s right; nothing has changed in Georgia. Dems still can’t find, let alone run, any compelling candidates.

2.) Beautiful, expensive roundtable on the GG set. Too bad it’s littered with tacky plastic cups. Bad visual.

3.) Strip clubs full of “nekkid” people in Clarkston as a closer? Why bury the lede!

4.) Good reminder at end that candidates who don’t show up for debates tend to lose elections. Hint, hint Lewis campaign.


  1. Hey Guys, Love your comments—I agree that it will be hard to beat Vernon Jones in the primary–and Rand Knight is an unknown–but Jim Martin lost big just two years ago and in a runoff–a guy like Rand might do well….The difficult thing about the dem primaries right now is there is just no bench strength in Georgia and even if Obama won Georgia–I don’t think the coat tails would help……

    Obama won’t win Georgia and Bob Barr won’t be the spoiler…but more on that another time…

    Martha Zoller
    The Georgia Gang

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Thanks for chiming-in Martha! Although I think Obama won’t win Georgia because Barr WILL be the spoiler. And I’ll go ever further and bet one whole dollar on that prediction.

    One question… why won’t Williams utter the words, “Dale Cardwell?”

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