Imitation is the highest form of flattery

In Macon two years ago, I ran Judge Tilman Self, III’s race. It was a five way race with a lot of unknown candidates.

To build up name recognition, we used a diamond shaped 2′ x 2′ yard sign. It was a good looking sign that really stood out from the pack. The lettering was a serif font, with a red band of color in the sign — standard blue sign, white letters, red decorative element.

We were the first in the area to use a yard sign like that and it worked very well. People really connected the campaign and sign, helping build great name identification, which we saw reflected in some polling we did.

I got a good laugh tonight when I saw Sam Hart’s yard sign. It is a blue 2 x 2 diamond with serif font and green band of color. It is a very good looking sign.

Of course, there are a few problems:

1. Why is the sign out? Sam is running uncontested in the July primary. He doesn’t need it.

2. The signs are pretty pricey — about a dollar more per sign than the standard 18 x 24. I’d never recommend using a diamond sign when you don’t have to worry about name id. Sam, most definitely, does not have to worry about name id. Likewise, as a former elected official, he probably should have used the same logo he had been using, so people connect him.

It is definitely not a fatal error, but it is definitely an error. Nonetheless, it is a very good looking sign and I am definitely flattered.

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