Good for Michael Rothenberg

A couple of people have emailed in asking why we at Peach Pundit hate the guy. We absolutely do not. We just are mindful of the qualifications of Superior Court judges. We appreciate Michael coming on and making his case, but we think, and presume he now agrees, that he was mistaking in his reading of the qualifications.

I hope in 2010 he will run. In an email to the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers listserve yesterday, Michael re-interated he believes he was correct in his argument, but did not want to get bogged down trying to defend the argument and distract from the race.

We have not really mentioned Judge Flake, that he was running against. I’ve had a case before her before and found her to be extremely fair and decent, but I have also heard prior to my case before her and afterwards that she has a very high reversal rate, which is generally an indication that it’s worth challenging a judge (though beating an incumbent judge is very difficult).

In any event, we wish Michael Rothenberg our best and hope to see him run in two years.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    “A couple of people have emailed in asking why we at Peach Pundit hate the guy. ”

    Yet another indication of a society whose collective IQ is on the decline.

    To presume that because someone (like Erick and Rogue and…even me) dares to challenge an argument made by someone that they are eligible to run for a position is “hateful” of that person is to demonstrate hypersensitivity to their world around them.

    I suspect these folks who e-mailed you, Erick, grew-up in the environment of the 1970s-1980s with parents that were brainwashed into thinking that it was better for Little Johnny or Little Jane to never be criticized or corrected for errant behavior.

    And, when they see someone else being challenged in some way, they only know to interprete such acts as “hateful.”

    But, enough of my Sunday morning psycho-analysis.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    A candidate stands up against the Tanalach Media Empire (and probably Bain Capitol, too) and is forced to withdraw. Icarus are you watching this?

  3. Icarus says:


    If I were to acknowledge the above, I would not only have to forget about ever having front page rights (a virtual certainty, anyway), but would probably be banned altogether.

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