Barr on Fox Sunday

Our third-party Georgia guy, Bob Barr (L) knocked it outta the ballpark on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace today. He addressed the issues that matter right now (chiefly that it is just wrong in every possible way to wantonly and warrantlessly spy on American citizens), said he was wrong for ever trusting the Bush Admin on the Patriot Act, re-affirmed states’ rights in terms of gay marriage, made Chris Wallace stutter, and looked downright cool in his black, hipster glasses (which will likely garner more votes for him than all the civil liberties he can muster up). Heck, Barr sounded like a gen-u-ine Libertarian!

Funny note, my kid, who was watching Wallace interview Barr alongside me, kept saying (of Wallace), “He sure likes George Bush, doesn’t he?” A bias so strong it’s obvious to a second grader.


  1. DMZDave says:

    Now that’s funny. First Bill Simon tells us Chris Wallace worships Bush and then adds that he knows this because he never wastes time watching the show.

  2. liberator says:

    Actually the nanny statism of the dems and gop hasn’t worked well in the real world at all. Vote Barr and give Freedom a chance. It will work anytime it’s tried. The nanny state socialism and fascism of the other parties is a tired and failed policy.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Barr was kinda looking good there. It was refreshing to hear a politician say “I made a mistake in voting for the Patriot Act and [paraphrasing] authorizing the Iraq war…”

    Even though he did blame the thing where the blame belongs.

    This FISA telecom immunity thing – is this not just the most blatant example that ALL these folks gotta go? I mean…seriously!

  4. drjay says:

    whatever, the rasmussen out today has him polling a whopping 1%–here in ga–where he’s suppose to be such a heap big deal that johnny mac is gonna lose ga–yawn…

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