Let’s Hear It For Grandma!

Trust me, they know what is best.

On the morning they tightened their dress code for the coming school year, Whitfield County Board of Education members heard from several grandmothers concerned about inappropriate dress by students.

After the board voted unanimously to remove bandannas from the list of suitable wear at schools, chairman Tim Trew opened a letter from a group of around 10 “grandmothers concerned about their grandchildren.” The writers alleged that the dress code was not being enforced, “especially in regard to girls.”

The grandmothers said regarding girls’ wear that “some is revealing and some not so bad,” but non-enforcement of the dress code led students “to believe they can do as they want without following the rules.”

Trew appeared to get momentarily emotional when he read their closing comment that “the board of education is always in our prayers, as well as all elected officials.”


  1. Taft Republican says:

    Must not have been the grandma down at our subdivision’s pool the other day… in a tankini. Someone should talk to her.

  2. Tekneek says:

    Oh my. They pray for the Board of Education, and all other elected officials. Is it working?

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