We’re Saved!!!!!!!

Just what we need…consultants!

The [state trauma] commission has approved spending $65,000 to have the American College of Surgeons do a statewide assessment of trauma care. The assessment is expected to start in December and be completed in time for a late February briefing to the state Legislature, said Dr. Patrick O’Neal, director of trauma and emergency services for the state Division of Public Health.

O’Neal said he expects the college will recommend adding trauma centers to hospitals around the state, increasing emergency response services and expanding helicopter transportation to trauma centers. He hopes that a study by an outside agency will add credibility to the requests for more funding.

“They will identify gaps in the system,” he said.


  1. Bard Parker says:

    I would hardly dump the ACS in with other “consultants”. They set the national standard as to what components go into an individual trauma center. Other states with state-wide trauma systems mandate ACS verification before funds are given out. I think this is the first time the ACS has agreed to assess a whole state

  2. newdayinga says:

    It is about time, but we have had serious trauma care issues for a decade. Now, I am not for raising taxes but surely we could find someway to fund this. The incumbents don’t want to fix it because then they can’t run for it. I am voting against everyone with an I beside their name. That includes my representative for 16 years, Mr. James Mills. It has been so long since he has had an opponent. This year there is nice young teacher running against him. He may be the underdog, but what have the big dawgs done for us. You should check him out at http://www.strickland08.com.

  3. jsm says:

    Boy, “newday.” The way you’re trolling and campaigning, you must be Chris or family/close friend.

  4. newdayinga says:

    No JSM,

    I am just a concerned citizen of Hall County. My name is Dave and I live in Gainesville. I did meet him the other afternoon. He and some volunteers stopped by and knocked on my door. Said that had visited over a 1,000 homes in a week. I can’t remember the last time a candidate actually went door to door.

    But the reason, I am supporting him is that 16 years is enough. James said that he only needed 12 years to get things done. What happened?

  5. jsm says:

    “I can’t remember the last time a candidate actually went door to door.”

    David, I’ve personally walked with candidates for commission and state senate over the last 6 years, and I know some who are out walking now.

    I’m sure you’re peddling for a nice guy, but you’d better realize what and who you’re talking about won’t be good for your wallet.

    “James said that he only needed 12 years to get things done.”

    Really? When did he say that? I’d like to see that quote.

  6. newdayinga says:

    I beleive he call for a 12 year limit for legislators back in 1992 when he ran the first time. Could be wrong, but I’ve heard him say nobody should be in office more than 12 years.

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