The Martin Ad

Since you and I seem to be the early risers around the Peach Pundit farm, Erick, while the coffee’s brewing, let’s talk some more about Jim Martin’s campaign advertising. The spot that’s circulating is a perfectly lovely product, with perfectly lovely production quality. And absolutely no sense of urgency to motivate anyone to the polls. Pity.

In all reality, what person (other than Galloway and Flack and Grift) is going to embed such kind of advertising on their blog, Facebook, MySpace, website? Share it amongst their personal social network? Write about it (other than me)? Digg it? Twitter about it? (If there is such a person, please link me to your handiwork.) In other words, in the current media overloaded environment, it is… perfectly forgettable.

I keep mulling over a Facebook IM chat I had with a twenty-something yesterday. He said he no longer has cable or even a TV. Rather, he “has Internet.”


  1. GAR says:

    The ad was extremely boring just like Jim Martin himself. If he thinks he can win by flooding the airwaves with crap like that he’s got another thing coming.

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Spacey, Gar:

    You need to put yourself into the shoes of your average GA democrat. We are all politically minded people here. We know where to find informaiton, we know who is running, and for the most part we know about a lot of the horrible things that some of these candidates have done (Vernon Jones especially). Flooding the airwaves with a boring but non-controversial ad is just fine. Most of the people of GA do not know the names of the candidates for the dem. nomination for Senate. They know that there are alot of them and that they do not want to take the time to get to know all of them. They will, however, vote for the person that they are more familiar with.

    Vernon has a negative association…and that will not help him. Jim Martin is the only candidate, though, that will be on television. He is the only candidate that will be doing any advertising. The other campaigns have raised hardly enough to compete in a state senate race…let’s not even think U.S. Senate.

    None of these guys are likely to beat Chambliss in November. Vernon will only hurt the democrats in the down ballot. Cardwell, Knight, and especially Lanier will only embarrass the party with their craziness and naivity.

  3. GAR says:

    I think Vernon’s negative stigma is truly overstated online by blogs like Tondee’s who just like to rail against someone who has cow towed to them and their far left policies. Wouldn’t an average GA Dem (conservative) like Vernon? Especially since he really isn’t known that well outside of Atlanta?

    A boring ad will just cause people to be bored with the race and not turn out.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Dear Goldwater Conservative, that’s possibly the most out of touch comment I’ve ever read on Peach Pundit, out of a sea of out of touch comments posted daily on Peach Pundit.

    As for GA Dems not beating Golf Course Chambliss, and just running same ‘ole, same ‘ole, old-school style media buys… you do the same ‘ole thing, you get the same ‘ole results.

  5. ChuckEaton says:

    “Golf Course Chambliss”

    Talk about an out of touch comment. Isn’t that a monniker from the 1912 Presidentail Election?

    Didn’t you hear that golf is the sport of the masses. After the excitement behind Tiger’s recent US Open playoff win, the PGA has become the new NASCAR.

  6. GAR says:

    Spacey hasn’t really shown herself to be with the times. Oh wait, she knows how to use the internet and a camera now. This is a huge breakthrough for her!

    Next thing we know she’ll be talking about “the google”

  7. SpaceyG says:

    GAR, let’s see YOUR new media handiwork. Send me links to your blog, websites, webisodes, podcasts, your videos, and your articles, your product successes. The world anxiously awaits such breathtaking participation. I will gladly post them here for all to review. You can email me all those many URLs to all that timely, in-touch stuff of yours at: spaceygracey at bellsouth dot net.

    And yeah, be sure to send your audience participation stats along with your media, k?


  8. GAR says:

    I’m just saying you’re a twit, not that I profess to be a grand exporter of useless media dribble like you. By all means I know how to make it but I have more useful and productive things to do.

    I love how self-important posting on a blog has made you. I doubt that your work could ever keep up to your rapidly inflating ego.

  9. GAR says:

    Check her videos. Her name is Grayson Daughters and she is a bufoon. Can we revoke front page posting? Or at least trade it for my own. I will represent the people! And by the people I mean everyone who disagrees with Spacy and Andre.

  10. Icarus says:

    Oh great, now I’ve got someone else running against me for Front Page posting rights.

    Konop, get on this. You were supposed to be muscling out the competition.

  11. Romegaguy says:

    I think she is Matt Towery in drag

    New front page posters should be (in order) Icarus and GOPeach

  12. GAR says:

    Icarus I’d support you if you would sign my anti-Spacey/Andre pledge.

    Sign the pledge!

    Romegaguy, in light of Icarus’ refusal to sign and GOPeach’s endorsement of my candidacy I hope you will support my efforts.

  13. Icarus says:

    I will not sign an Anti-Andre or Anti-Spacey pledge. Different points of view make the blog a lot more interesting. I have no interest in participating in an echo chamber.

  14. GAR says:

    I’m not saying that we won’t let them post, just that we should consistently mock them for their inanity.

  15. blacknight30032 says:

    Jim Martin Supporter and murder Sidney Dorsey cousin Hattie Dorsey, on Sheriff elect Derwin Brown’s murder

    “Let’s just be assured that the right culprits are convicted.”
    Creative Loafing
    Published 12.19.01

    Dear Goldwater Conservative,

    You must be State Senator David Adelman or you know him because that’s the same old tired line that he and the white liberal metro Democrats are trying to sell us black folks around Georgia.

    But in the words of my generation lets keep it real, Jim can’t win with the African American vote and we’re not “FIRED UP AND READY TO GO” for Jim Martin and even if Barack Obama came to Georgia and campaigned for someone other than Vernon Jones we going to the polls and vote for Vernon, you better get outside your box and among the base.

    I’m in the barber shops each week and the stores where we shop and they’re not talking about Jim Martin.
    So tell State Senator David Adelman stop causing trouble, he is not ever going to be Lt. Governor and Barack Obama is not appointing him to a cabinet spot

  16. EricHarris says:

    Mr. Vernon Jones does not have negative associations. All who is associated with mr.Vernon Jones are great and powerful people, who will have his back all the way 100&10 percent.

  17. EricHarris says:

    There is noting boring about what Mr.Vernon Jones has to say in his ad. He is basicly pointing out the real issues that our economy are faceing now in the present, such as the $9 trillion national debt that all can agree on, is very nerve recking. He also speaks about the issue of the foreclosure rate in the amount of 8,000 homes that’s being takeing away from hard working young,mid,and expectuly the elderly retir and etc.

  18. EricHarris says:

    For the record Mr. Vernon Jones has alot of indorsements to help him along the way to his victory of winning the u.s senate position in Washington D.C , so who ever ya’ll getting infomation from thay need to recheak there sourse and then comment correctly.

  19. Romegaguy says:

    It appears that Vernon’s staffers
    1) came on here today to find all of the posts about him (except the mattress king photo
    2) after I “recheak”ed my “sourse”s, it would appear that they were all educated by either GOPeach or in public schools

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