The Joe Carter Race [UPDATED]

The Secretary of State has details on what’s going to go down and I’ve got interesting gossip:

Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel announced today that she will call a Special Primary to fill the Republican nomination for state Senate District 13 pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 21-2-504(a), upon the withdrawal of state Senator Joseph Carter.

The Secretary of State’s Elections Division received Mr. Carter’s affidavit of withdrawal as a candidate in state Senate District 13. Because of the timing of the withdrawal, Mr. Carter’s name will appear on the ballot for in-person and absentee ballot voting in the General Primary. Elections officials in Ben Hill, Crisp, Irwin, Lee, Tift, Turner, Wilcox and Worth counties will post notifications in precincts within state Senate District 13 notifying voters of Mr. Carter’s withdrawal. Any votes cast for Mr. Carter will not be counted.

The Special Primary for the Republican nomination will be held on Tuesday, August 5, 2008. Since no Democratic candidate qualified for Senate District 13, there was no Democratic primary for this seat. Accordingly, the Special Primary will be held only for the Republican nomination as provided for in the law.

The word on the street down there is that the judge who is giving up his seat will run for Senator Carter’s Senate seat.

[UPDATED:] Well, former judge, Rusty Simpson, is going to qualify for Joseph Carter’s seat. It could be that people are getting Judge Simpson mixed up with Judge McCorvey, who is the guy Joseph Carter wants to replace.


  1. Old Vet says:

    Sorry about the aborted starts! I strongly question the legality of that maneuver. The contingency required for a special primary in 21-2-504 , the failure of a primary to fill a nomination, has not happened. Qualification is still open for independent candidates, candidates for “political bodies” (parties which fielded a candidate for the last presidential election but failed to get 20 percent of the vote). Until the primary is held, no one can say that it failed to fill a candidacy! Restricting the questionable “special primary” to the Secretary’s political party only increases the smell of this move.

  2. Old Vet says:

    Edit to last post: Qualification is open to independents, political bodies, and write-ins.

  3. Joe Carter was respected by both parties. Just because a Democrat didn’t want to run against Joe should not preclude them from running against someone else.

    Or is this how we elect the legislature now? Say the popular incumbent is running so that no opposition materializes and then back out to annoint the new winner. Brilliant.

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