What an a–hole

You’ll have to forgive the language. Goodness it’s mild compared to what this lawyer deserves. Judge sweat should be applauded for slapping the lawyer down.

In a strongly worded June 11 order related to motions for attorney’s fees in a personal injury case, Western Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge David R. Sweat rebuked James W. Smith for “disturbing” remarks he made about a small pin worn by opposing counsel Andrew H. Marshall. The pin, a gold star on a purple background, was given to Marshall by the Army to honor his 21-year-old son, Evan Marshall, a soldier killed in an ambush near the Iraqi city of Mosul in January.

Sweat termed Smith’s remarks a “verbal assault” that was “intended to provoke Mr. Marshall on a matter of great personal tragedy.”

Smith, a sole practitioner who ran unsuccessfully in 2000 for Athens-Clarke County district attorney, declined to discuss the case on the record.


  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Can’t hurt Mr. Smith’s reputation in Athens, it’s already bad to start with. From everyone I know in the legal practice in the Athens area, he’s not a well liked individual.

  2. Tekneek says:

    A new low for a profession that is known for having almost no real standards.

    They give lip-service to having ethics and standards, but generally you’re alright as long as you don’t get convicted of a felony (or get drawn into a high-profile scandal that cannot be ignored).

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