More incentive to rig the billable hours

In a climate like this, you’ve got to make yourself look worthwhile.

Powell Goldstein has trimmed staff and associates in response to the economic squeeze affecting many Atlanta law firms.

“As a result of the overall economy and its effect on law firms, we have reduced our staff by a few people in each administrative department across the firm, with the overall reduction totaling less than 10 percent of our administrative staff,” said the firm’s chairman, James J. McAlpin Jr.

“Also in connection with the overall economic situation, we have reduced our overall associate headcount across the firm, but the reduction has been by less than 10 people,” he said. Powell Goldstein has about 250 lawyers.


  1. Chris says:

    Woot! fewer lawyers. We need more recessions to save this country!

    Alas these associates will probably just go find someone to sue and become trial-lawyers.

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